Ben Affleck Alcohol Addiction: Jennifer Garner Foregoes Divorce, Support For 'Argo' Actor Overflow

Earlier this year, news outlets revealed that Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck might be finalizing their divorce documents soon. This didn't particularly come as a shock to their fans and followers considering that the Hollywood couple has opened their marital woes to the public a couple of years back. However, there seems to be one new concern for the A-listers, and this time, it has something to do with Ben Affleck's alcohol addiction.

According to BBC News, light has been shed on Ben Affleck's alcohol addiction as the "Live By Night" actor has reportedly admitted that he has been getting treatment for the said addiction. During those times when Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner announced their marital woes, the fans have been guessing about the reason for their split - from third parties down to financial concerns.

The revelation of Ben Affleck's alcohol addiction might be a missing piece in the puzzling case of the "Justice League" actor and Jennifer Garner's divorce. Did Jennifer Garner ask for a divorce because of Ben Affleck's alcohol addiction? Did the "Argo" actor exhibit scary and violent drunk episodes that triggered Jennifer Garner to ask for a divorce?

In an official Facebook post, Ben Affleck admitted that alcoholism was something that he has dealt with in the past and will continue to confront. The said Facebook post has fuelled speculations that Ben Affleck's alcohol addiction may have strained his marriage with Jennifer Garner.

After Ben Affleck's alcohol addiction came to light, fans have extended their support for the actor. The latest course of treatment was regarded by the "Suicide Actor" as the first of many steps taken towards positive recovery.

In the midst of Ben Affleck's alcohol addiction, where is Jennifer Garner? Was she aware of the addiction all this time? Or did she just find out just like the rest of the world? According to NBC News, Jennifer Garner has referred to Ben Affleck as a complicated guy in previous interviews, which may have had something for the fans to read between the lines.


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