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'Despicable Me 3' Release Date: Steve Carell As Gru Reunites Long Lost Twin Brother Dru

"Despicable Me 3" fans will have double the fun they got in the first installments of the movie franchise with the appearance of Gru's long-lost twin brother Dru.

By Carmen Heruela, EnStars on Mar 20, 2017 05:48 AM EDT
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"Despicable Me 3" Will Be Shown In Theaters On June 30, 2017
"Despicable Me 3" fans will have double the fun they got in the first installments of the movie franchise with the appearance of Gru's long-lost twin brother Dru. (Photo : Valerie Macon/Getty Images)

"Despicable Me 3", the third installment of the hit movie franchise "Despicable Me," will finally hit the theaters on June 30, 2017. Funny man Steve Carell, star of "Evan Almighty" and "The 40-Year Old Virgin", will once again provide the voice not only for super villain Gru but also his twin brother Dru.

Dru played the despicable villain Gru in the 2010 computer-animated 3D "Despicable Me". His wish to become the greatest criminal of all time took a backstage in the 2013 movie "Despicable Me 2", after the three orphaned girls he adopted changed his life and made him a family man. "Despicable Me 3" takes on the heartwarming story of Gru and his girls, but this time with an additional character, his long-lost twin brother.

"Despicable Me 3" is expected to be another box office hit considering that the three movies in the franchise including "Minions" grossed $2,673.3 worldwide. The first "Despicable Me" movie grossed $543.1 with a meager budget of only $69 million.

Gru will finally meet his long-lost brother Dru in "Despicable Me 3", according to The Movie Box. Steve Carell will bring out the best of the two super villains as he will lend both of them his voice. The movie trailer will show fans the blond-haired Dru as opposed to his bald brother Gru.

In "Despicable Me 3", the rich Dru will rescue his poor brother Gru, according to Global News. He will also tempt the reformed Gru and convince him to return to his old villainous ways. Kristen Wiig will play a longer role as Gru's wife in the third installment.

"Despicable Me 3" will have a new villain who goes by the name of Balthazar Bratt, voiced here by Trey Parker. Former child star Bratt, who is remarkable with his purple jumpsuit and umbrella pants, will attempt to dominate the world, but Gru and his wife Lucy will try to foil his attempts.

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