‘Fairy Tail’ Chapter 528 Spoilers: Mavis to Face August, Natsu to Turn Into the Demon Known as E.N.D. [VIDEO]

The latest chapter of the highly popular manga series, "Fairy Tail" chapter 527, featured a rather emotional, but abrupt, meeting of mother and son. August, the strongest member of the Spriggan 12, finally got to meet his mother, Mavis, which halted his attacks on the Fairy Tail Guild mages. However, new reports are revealing that even more revelations will be featured in the manga's upcoming new chapter.

The latest "Fairy Tail" chapter, which has been published on Manga Stream, had showcased just how powerful August has become. Gildarts and Cana were both able to land their most powerful attack, but even that didn't seem to affect August. August then launches his own attack, which disintegrates everything within his vicinity.

Mavis reveals that the power August is using is the ancient magic arts called magia. Before August was able to fully launch his attack, he catches a glimpse of Mavis, which stops him dead in his tracks. August was apparently separated from his mother at birth and the sight of her shocks him and leads to him running away.

Mavis then talks to the Fairy Tail guild members and reveals to them her plan of defeating Zeref. The powerful mage tells Ezra, Happy and Gray about the Book of E.N.D., which she got when she was captured by Zeref. She tells the members that they will be crucial in saving Natsu after he takes down Zeref, but that she herself will be the one to eliminate him once and for all.

As for the upcoming chapter, "Fairy Tail" chapter 528, fans over at Manga Helpers have been coming up with their own predictions on what will be taking place. According to fans that have been following the manga very closely, the next chapter may be featuring the fight between mother and son. Mavis has been revealed to be the only mage capable of defeating August. This was somewhat shown in the flashbacks on the previous chapter, but it was not really revealed that the mysterious figure was actually August's mother Mavis.

"Fairy Tail" Chapter 528 titled "Evil Dragon" is scheduled to be released on March 29. Based on the title, it can also be assumed that Mavis may be planning to transform Natsu into the Demon known as E.N.D.

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