'Thor: Ragnarok' trailer delights Marvel fans

"Thor: Ragnarok" has just released its trailer and Marvel fans can't get enough of it.

Chris Hemsworth's upcoming superhero movie was originally scheduled for July 2017, however, the movie will be released in November this year.

"Thor: Ragnarok' has just released its teaser and it showcases a lady villain called Hela. The character, who is played by Cate Blanchett, is the first female lead villain in Avengers as well as in a Marvel movie.

Although there were other female villains before such as Nebula in the "Guardians Of The Galaxy," the Goddess of Death was the first badass to be the leader in creating fiasco in the Marvel universe.

According to CNN, the teased showed how mighty strong Hella's character is as she was able to destroy one of the most powerful Marvel weapons, Thor's hammer. Mjolnir, as Thor call it, will be crushed with bare hands by Hela.
"Asgard is dead," the lady villain announced in the trailer. Clearly, this is a tough time for Asgardian Avenger who encountered a rather new enemy for his upcoming movie.

Hela is obviously one complicated villain and Blanchett promises so much more about her character.

"She arrives with a lot of baggage," Blanchett said. "She's a little bit cross." The "Blue Jasmine" actress even joked about her character, saying that it's already 2017 and yet, it's the first female villain in the Marvel film ever.

In addition, she said that it's exciting to see women portraying a vicious character as there's more "untapped potential villainy in women."

Moreover, Blanchett said that it's starting to see women and men alike in terms of portraying diverse characters.

Meanwhile, "Thor: Ragnarok" will also include two of the most beloved Marvel character, the incredible Hulk and Asgard's brother, Loki.

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