Derek Jeter name dropped to spin $1B interests for Marlins' sale

The name of former New York Yankees All-Star Derek Jeter has been used for name-dropping to spin interests for the sale of Marlins beyond the price of $1 billion, news sources said.

Marlins President David Samson was reported to be running a sales process without an investment banker, and going to that $1 billion direction, he has been telling trusted sources in the media that Jeter has interest in buying the team without Jeter's blessing, a New York Post report said quoting several sports business sources that it did not identify.

But the report seemed to run contradictory as it said that Jeter is still looking to raise the $700 million in cash needed to make a roughly $1 billion offer, as he has been trying to find co-investors.

There is no question to Jeter's pockets as he got a bonanza of about $400 million in salary and endorsements through his 20 years of playing for New York Yankees.

He retired in 2014 and his net worth was estimated to be about P220 million after taxes.

Optimism from Marlins' quarters has been running high favorable to Jeter who was described by Marlins president David Samson as potentially a "good owner".

On the other hand, in an ABC News report, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is said to be joining forces with Jeter to buy the team although Quogue Capital investment fund founder Wayne Rothbaum was also reported to be interested in acquiring the Marlins.

Bush, the brother of President George W. Bush, has an ownership stint in baseball sports, being once a part-owner of the Texas Rangers for a full a decade, from 1989 to 1998.

Loria bought the team at $158.5 million in 2002. The team's price has increased tenfold now based on the aborted buy of Joshua Kushner at a price of $1.6 billion. Kushner is connected to the adviser to President Donald Trump.Negotiations between the Marlins and Kushner just suddenly broke off.

Loria's financial manager Joe Girardi waxed sentimental when asked by the press, saying that his boss will always be a Yankee but he said: "there is always life after baseball and sometimes the opportunity that presents itself is not always necessarily where you played."

(New York Daily News/YouTube)

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