Nicki Minaj Proves that She Is A Goddess by Offering to Pay Her Twitter Followers' Student Loans off

Having problems paying off student loans? If so, Nicki Minaj is here to save the day.

This past Sunday, when asked by a fan on Twitter if she could help pay off his student loans, the acclaimed recording artist proved yet again that she has a heart of gold by offering to help. In a tweet, the "Super Bass" singer responded to the request saying "Show me straight A's that I can verify w/ur school and I'll pay it. Who wants to join THAT contest?!?! Dead serious. Shld I set it up?" This set off a barrage of requests from other fans also requesting support. In classic Nicki Minaj fashion, she took multiple requests that left her fans content and falling in love with her all over again. Since the event the tweets have gone viral, one of which has even earned over 50k likes.

While the requests ranged from simple things like books to cameras, the one request the hip-hop star has is that they put the money to good use and earn straight As. Nicki Minaj now joins other artists, such as Beyonce, who have helped fund their fans' education.

Nicki's campaign only lasted a few hours, but for those who feel that they might have missed their opportunity to get help from her, there might be another opportunity. Before signing off for the day, Nicki said "Ok u guys. It's been fun. Let me make those payments tmrw then see if I have any money left. I'll do some more in a month or 2."

A month may seem like a long time for student loans, but if Nicki's fans know anything about their queen, it is that she always delivers. That and also that she knows just the way to treat her fans right.   

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