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Fake Donald Trump Video of Girl Calling Him a 'Disgrace to the World' Fools Internet

In a video posted earlier today, a young girl is seen telling off a man who appears to be President Donald Trump. However, the video is more deceiving than what meets the eye.

By Adam Samuel, EnStars on May 08, 2017 05:31 PM EDT
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Little Girl Rebukes Trump

The internet was set ablaze this morning when a video surfaced on Twitter of a young girl telling off Donald Trump to his very face... Or so the video seemed to tell.

In a tweet, which has now amassed over 300,000 likes, the video showcases a tall man with a familiar demeanor and hair style trying to pose for a picture with the young girl. However, she harshly rebukes him saying that "you're a disgrace to the world," before raising her phone up to take a video or photograph of him.

With the video going viral, multiple media outlets along with Twitter users have come out to show support for the young girl's courage, but what they don't realize is that they have been duped. The young girl didn't actually say those words to Donald Trump because the man in the video isn't him. Instead, it is the work of comedian Anthony Atamanuik for his Comedy Central's the President Show who managed to cleverly dupe the entire Internet. With his stature and similar demeanor (and the angle from which the video was shot) it isn't that hard to believe how this happened.

Responding to the tweet Atamanuik said "I'm the guy playing Trump from the @PresidentShow and that little girl was brave, funny and smart. Also, she said that if her own volition." The original video has since been spread around, and was sourced from an episode of the President Show, which had aired the previous Thursday.

Trump impersonations have been no strangers to the spotlight. With Alec Baldwin's incredible impersonations on Saturday Night Live, Atamanuik is the latest comic trying his luck at the president's likenesses. With this video going viral, he is undoubtedly about to pick up a lot more steam.

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