The Voice Season 12 Top 10 Performance Recap and Predictions: The Chosen Ones, and the Cannon Fodder


Last night the final 10 contestants remaining in season 12 of The Voice performed, and the results shed further light on the direction the season is going.

Like many of its past editions, this current season of The Voice has shown a clear divide in the talent between those destined to go far, and those in the competition simply to go home. Unlike past seasons though, the divide is a little more hazy when it comes to that golden contestant destined to take home the crown and title. However, as strong as those three or so contestants are, the rest are barely hanging in the competition. As strong of a ratings draw that the Adam Levine and Blake Shelton banter is, not even they can right the ship that some of these contestants are riding straight over the waterfall.

For those golden few that are performing well enough that they might just have a shot of winning the whole thing, it is an astounding feat how close the competition is. For the first time in quite a few iterations, season 12 is the first edition to not possess a ringer such as Jordan Smith, Sawyer Fredericks or Sundance Head. Instead, what the competition is left with is an open field to about three contestants all playing to jump the highest and snatch the trophy from the others' grasp. It's quite an exciting feat when pondered over.

Let's break down the performances and see which contestants we feel can and cannot win the competition. The performances are ranked from best to worst along with some thoughts.

1- Brennly Brown, Anyway, by Martina McBride- There is actually a three way tie for the top spot, and we think Brennly is definitely a contender. Scoring well on the Itunes charts every week, it would be a shock if she wasn't at least in the final three.

1- Hunter Plake, Higher Love, by Steve Winwood- Going with the trends of past ringers, Hunter fits the role of this season's winner. However, some of the girls have been charting better than him on Itunes, which leaves the door open for an upset.

1- Lauren Duski, Tell Me Why, by Wynonna Judd- Lauren has an amazing voice, and with her potential in the market, we think she is a clear contender.

4- Chris Blue, 24k Magic, by Bruno Mars - Of the singers remaining, Chris is our favorite. However, as much as we enjoy his performances, he hasn't sold as well on Itunes as the other contestants. Unfortunately, this doesn't bode well for his placing, though we hope this will change.

5- Jesse Larson, Jungle Love, by The Time- Jesse isn't our favorite in the competition, but the fact that he has been charting on Itunes so well means that he is doing something right. Still though, it doesn't seem likely that he will beat out someone like Hunter or Brennly when it comes down to it.

6- Vanessa Ferguson, Doo Wop (The Thing), by Lauryn Hill- We put Vanessa ahead of Aliyah because we feel she has more experience and is ready to make it in the music world. However, as good as she is, Vanessa is currently playing for sixth or fifth place right now at best.

7- Aliyah Moulden, Jealous, by Labrinth- This girl can sing, but she is also very young and inexperienced compared to the other contenders. Nothing against her talent, but at the point she is currently at, there is very little chance she will win.

8- TSoul, At This Moment, by Billy Vera and The Beaters - This dude is super talented, but he is outmatched by some of the other singers potential in the competition. As good as he is, unfortunately, it doesn't seem like there is any chance he will win.

9- Lilli Passero, Unforgettable, by Nat King Cole- Poor Lilli is super talented, but her inability to chart well when it comes to Itunes spells doom on the horizon for her.

10- Mark Isaiah, Sign of The Times, by Harry Styles- Mark has barely survived these past eliminations, and we think tonight is finally where the journey ends for him. Still, the fact that he made it this far is something to be proud of.

Enstars' Take:

Who should go home: Mark and Lilli

Who will go home: Mark and Lilli

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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