Harry Styles On Going Solo For His New Album: 'I Just Realized That I Found Writing To Be Very Therapeutic'


With Harry Styles making his debut as a solo artists with his new album, Harry Styles, the One Direction superstar found comfort in writing down the words of his feelings.

"I just realized that I find writing to be very therapeutic," Styles explained in an interview with The New York Times. "I think it's when I allow myself to be most vulnerable. It's exciting to kind of share a piece of me that I don't feel like I've really put out there before."

The artist has had a busy week. In addition to multiple appearances and live performances promoting the album, which was officially released today, Styles has been working hard to spread the word about his music across various different platforms. The album has already achieved massive success by climbing the Itunes charts to the number one spot, where it currently sits, enjoying the view and making plans for a long stay. When it comes to how critics are handling it, things seem to be off to a promising start.

While CNN commented in an assessment that the music sounded "lonely," the article goes on to say that "heartbreak, apparently sells." Elsewhere, Vanity Fair has described the album as being "awash in world-weary melancholy, an acute heartbreak dulled by a fond wistfulness. The fans across social media though, love it.

Styles was discovered when he appeared on The X Factor UK. Producer Simon Cowell put him, along with some other contestants who were also cut, into the group One Direction, which has since achieved international success. Though the group did not end up winning the season they competed on, they have risen to become the most successful act the show has ever produced. The group split up in a 2016.

"I've never felt the need to explain myself in terms of my personal life," Styles went on to say. "I very much feel like writing is the way you get to say what you want to say and be like, 'That's all I have to say on it.'"

What do you think of Style's new music? Are you a fan? Do you think he will have just as much success as a solo artist than he had with One Direction? Let us know in the comments.   

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