Breaking Down The Final 6 Of 'Survivor': A Messy Episode Reshuffles The Deck


Last night's Survivor: Game Changers episode saw the elimination of Michaela Bradshaw and fan favorite Andrea Boehlke. For many fans across social media, losing Andrea was the lowest point of the season, as she was seen as a fantastic player predicted by many to win the game. 

In a stuffed double elimination episode, Andrea and Michaela's elimination game talk took a back seat to different immunity challenges. While no new major alliances were formed, three immunity idols still remain in the game in the hands of Tai Trang, who has two, and Troyzan Robertson, who has one.

In a move at tribal council that fans are calling the highlight of the season, Cirie Fields was blindsided by Sarah Lacina with a power move that exposed the player. After Sarah gave one of her advantages over to her to hold as a showing of goodwill, Cirie tried to blindside her with it. However, as she did not read the print that said the advantage was non-transferable, the move ended in Cirie showing her cards and being exposed. While Cirie did not suffer the consequences of her move, her ally Michaela did and took the fall. 

The low point of the episode was Andrea's elimination, but as the show was a double elimination, there wasn't much time to focus on her journey ending. 

Below is our predicted (and hopeful) boot order for the rest of the competition. Of the remaining contestants there is one mastermind in Sarah that gives us hope for this season having a satisfying ending. However, if she, Aubry Bracco, and Cirie Fields all don't make it to the finale, this season will have been a complete and utter travesty.

See below our predictions for the finale:

6th Placer: Brad Culpepper- No one should want to take Brad to the finale. If he gets there he will win, so it only seems logical that Sarah will realize this and want to target him.

5th Placer: Troyzan Robertson- Toryzan has basically been a non-entity this season. His edit leads us to believe he won't make it to the end.

4th Placer: Cirie Fields - Eventually, Cirie's target will catch up with her. We think it would be wise for Sarah to keep her out of the finale, because should she make it there she will win.

This leaves the final tribal council consisting of Sarah, Aubrey, and Tai, the latter of which is very likely to make it with his two idols. In this pairing, we are still predicting that Sarah will win. Positioning herself well throughout this season and maneuvering through the game like a pro, we have to hand it to Sarah, she played one hell of a game.

So those are our thoughts, what do you think? Who are you rooting for on Survivor? Let us know in the comments below

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