'GUHHATL': Bob Wow's Old Crew Ambushed Him And Things Got Violent [VIDEO]

Last week, Alfonso Bow Wow's father returned. He showed up in Bow's studio and was reunited with him, however, Bow Wow wasn't having it.

Alfonso admitted to Bow he still drinks, and Bow said there was no place in his life for him if that was still going on. However, Bow decided to forgive and leave the hate behind, and he let Alfonso know this. Almost in tears, Bow hugged his father and told him he wanted to stay in touch with him.

We also learned that Bow Wow has a stalker! A shady text message from a random number was sent to his cell phone: "Watch your back. Don't get caught slipping in the A." The mysterious number also sent a couple of images of Bow leaving his house that same day.

Zonnique dumped Brandon as her manager to hire his mother. Her party was a success and everybody loved her new single.

Reginae and Toya spoke and made up after fighting their business agreement. So, as far as now, looks like the book will finally come up!

Miss Deb met with Brayve behind Brandon's back. She offered to distribute their music and for them to become her clients. Brandon walked in and surprisingly, he took it pretty calmly. But, he told Miss Deb that he couldn't work with her anymore.

Brandon decided to move out of Deb's house but when he was packing, Deb told him that he needed to cut the feelings in the hip hop world. Brandon answered to her that she "f-ked up this relationship; hashtag, not sorry."

Bow meets with Reginae to solve her problems and apologize with Brandon. Reginae refused and said she would never be OK with Brandon. Bow told her to not pull anything at Z's party and her reply was, "You don't mess with Reginae Carter."

Ayana and Amy got together and things are starting to look OK between them. This was until Amy;s phone rang twice. Amy didn't know who was calling and Ayana got mad and accused her to be dating someone else. Ayana left the date and told Amy to never call again.

Later on, Bow finally met his stalker, well, stalkers. It turned out that they were the same guys he suspected were messing with him all along, his old crew. Two unidentified men showed up and a physical fight broke out.

"Keep your eyes open in these streets," Bow said in the confessional at the end of the show.

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