Tom Cruise Injured Himself In Failed Building Jump Stunt While Filming 'Mission: Impossible 6'


Tom Cruise may be one of the daredevils in Hollywood when it comes to stunts but he just came unstuck after he injured himself in a failed building jump stunt. He was filming "Mission: Impossible 6" in London when this happened yesterday.

Many considered that Cruise is a Hollywood action man who takes pride in performing and doing his own stunts in his movies. But with his latest film, it seems like Cruise fell short for one of his stunts which caused him an injury.

According to TMZ, a video footage emerged in public which showed that Cruise took a big leap off some rigging and onto a rooftop while he was attached to a harness. However, his jump appeared to fall short as he was seen crashing into one side of the building. The 55-year old Hollywood star seemed to fall short of the mark and this resulted to him being smashed into the building then fell on its side.

Cruise, as suggested by some reports, has been training for a year for him to carry out and perform the extreme stunts required for the "Mission: Impossible 6". It can be recalled that most installments of the movies feature some exhilarating stunts and actions performed by the actor.

After the said crash, New Zealand Herald claimed that Cruise was spotted limping away and falling to his knees. After this, he clutched onto his legs and some eyewitnesses shared that Cruise was in pain caused by the injury. But at the end of the video, the actor was helped away by stunt professionals who were there on the set when the accident happened.

For "Mission: Impossible 6", Cruise was already spotted in several countries for the filming like in Paris and London. The actor was known for his adrenaline fuelled set-pieces because of his stunts in the installments of this film.

Meanwhile, it was claimed that Cruise will be doing the greatest stunt sequence of his career in this upcoming "Mission: Impossible 6" even if most of the details of the plot were not yet revealed. With this, it was further claimed that this will be the most impressive thing that the actor has done in a film.

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