Salma Hayek Stays Away From Fillers & Injections: Reveals Her Favorite Natural Beauty Products


Salma Hayek is not just one talented Hollywood actress but also known as someone who embraces the aging process when it comes to beauty. Because of this, she just revealed that she is not a fan of injections and fillers and shared her favorite beauty products that help her stay on top of the beauty game.

According to PEOPLE, the 50-year-old actress just shared to DuJour early this year that she does not believe in Botox. But even if she is not into cosmetic surgery, Hayek said that she is not shying away from makeup and some other natural products.

Then with this, Hayek revealed that during the day, she just put on a little foundation and some lipstick on her cheeks since she also needs this for work and for the press. After sharing this, the actress went on revealing that she loves the lip colors and textures of the Clinique Pop line. Also, she uses a lot of Charlotte Tilbury which according to her, she just discovered lately.

For some women who are having problems when it comes to dark circles, Gulf News reported that Salma has a solution for them. She said that there is one great solution which can immediately remove all those dark circles around the eyes but women might not want to wear it every day since it is too much coverage. With this, she finally revealed that it is the concealer made by Cinema Secrets and she also added EcoTools brushes.

If the Hollywood stunning actress has a beauty regimen during the day, the actress also shared her beauty secret at night. She said that she does not actually cleanse her skin in the morning since her grandmother taught her that the skin replenishes all the things that have lost during the day. Therefore, Hayek shared that she cleanses very well at night. When she wakes, she just spritzes rose water since this can wake the skin up.

Then lastly, she added that she doesn't use sunscreen everyday only when she goes out since she thinks that chemicals in sunscreen are not always good for one's skin. Simply, she believes in using it when she needs it.

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