Tom Cruise Dies And Comes Back To life In ‘The Mummy’ Deleted Scene

In the film "The Mummy", the latest report claimed that a deleted scene features Tom Cruise in all his shirtless glory. It was then added that the 55-year-old actor dies and comes back to life in this deleted scene and this is not any sort of spoiler.

Fans of "The Mummy" are all looking forward to seeing a deleted scene in the movie and latest issue claimed that they can get a sneak peek at a deleted scene which features Cruise coming back to life. As also mentioned, this part is not a spoiler of the movie but it is how the movie legitimately starts.

The deleted scene of "The Mummy" begins with Cruise unlikeable protagonist Nick Morton dying inside an airplane which also carries the cursed sarcophagus o the titular Mummy. Then the confused Nick suddenly wakes inside a body bag in the morgue in Oxford and that is the start of how he becomes undead.

The deleted scene of "The Mummy" was debuted by Entertainment Weekly and some fans thought that there's some fun to be had in a dead man coming back to his life. The viewers got the idea from the scene wherein Nick puts on some clothes while cursing at the mortician while Jenny Halsey was pacing back and forth.

According to Slash Film, the scene picks up after Nick played by Cruise waves his hand while being naked inside the body bag and asked who is actually in charge there to the mortician. The mortician then played by Neil Maskell apologizes generously as Jenny keeps on pacing back and forth. Even if she only scoffs a little, the viewers can already infer how this scene becomes a comedic one.

But Cruise interrupts the mortician's apology by asking if people actually die in those clothes to which the mortician replies as not all of them. This scene then played like a comedy and Cruise who just showed off his body like a 30-something hotshot can already cover up for "The Mummy's" big budget bombs.

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