Matt Damon goes minuscule with 'Downsizing'

Actor Matt Damon is known for his unique style and outstanding acting. The talented actor will be seen in his latest film named "Downsizing", which has already created waves at the 24th Venice Film Festival.

The movie is a mesh of science fiction, romantic comedy, political parable and apocalyptic thriller. It is upto the viewers to decide the genre after watching it. Directed by Alexander Payne, "Downsizing" depicts the story of a man, played by Matt Damon, who tries to solve his problems by shrinking himself.

The subject of the film is quite intriguing and leaves one wondering what science can really do. The journey of the lead couple in the miniature world becomes completely overwhelming.

Several reviewers in Venice were quite impressed by the flick. The Guardian called the film a "spry, nuanced, winningly digressive movie," while the Hollywood Reporter said," it was captivating, funny and deeply humane."

Actress Hong Chau, who plays the character of Treme in "Inherent Vice" is  already being considered as a potential award nominee for her brilliant performance in the movie.

"This is a character that is normally in the background, that is a low-status character in the culture and not one that you typically see in the forefront of a story," she said.

"Downsizing" in a strange way builds a futuristic world. How far into the future it is set is left on one's imagination. Payne's films usually have shades of surreal deliberations in any American household, like dividing chores or fretting over mortgage repayments.

The movie is the latest ordinary-Joe role for Damon, who exudes a likable everyman-under-duress quality, whether he's an action hero Jason Bourne or a stranded astronaut in "The Martian."

Damon said "What I love about a lot of these stories that I get to help tell is it shows a relatable character whose life is different from our own but with whom we find a common cause with." He further added,"This is a beautiful and an optimistic movie, a journalist said to me, which I thought was really great.This is Alexander's most optimistic movie and it has the apocalypse in it."

The social satire seems to be a strong contender for the Oscars and the past records of Alexander Payne and Matt Damon shows that both have been quite lucky in terms of the Academy Awards.

Damon and his co-stars Kristen Wiig and Hong Chau joined Payne on the red carpet for the film's Venice premiere on Wednesday.

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