Chance The Rapper Age: Star Is Being Sued For Copyright Infringement [VIDEO]

Chance The Rapper isn’t everyone’s favorite rapper after all.

The Chicago native is facing a huge lawsuit for copyright infringement. A man who now goes by Abdul Wali Muhammad, fans might remember him as Eric P. Saunders, has taken legal action against the lyricist for the song Windows, on Chance’s debut mixtape 10 Day that was released in 2012.

As for waiting five years to sue, Muhammad said he contacted Chance’s people as soon as he realized the sample had been used. He claimed he did not give Chance the green light. He also asked the court to order Chance to stop selling the music.

Interestingly enough, one thing that fans love about Chance is that his music is free.

As for the sampled song, it is A Bridge Through Time from Apollo Brown. Muhammad wrote the song and registered it for copyright in 1979. Still, Brown is actually a credited producer for the mixtape.

Chance has reportedly found a loophole in not paying producers as he sells his music for free. He has stayed quiet about the lawsuit for now.

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