Demi Lovato Hits Back After Being Criticized For Refusing To Reveal Her Sexuality


Demi Lovato just received backlash lately after refusing to reveal her sexuality on social media but recently, she just hit back at her critics. According to the singer, she does not owe anybody an explanation about her sexuality.

According to Francais Express, the singer's sexuality became a point of intrigue and speculation when she released her single, "Cool for the Summer" way back 015. With her song, many of her fans alluded to Lovato's interest to hook up with a woman. After that, she declined and refused to comment on her sexual preferences and that apparently made some people upset.

Lovato used her Twitter account to hit back after the backlash and shared that just because she refused to label herself for the sake of an issue does not mean that she is not going to stand up for what she believes in. She also added that if people are curious about her sexuality, they should watch her documentary but she doesn't owe anybody anything.

It can be recalled that Demi insisted her sexuality is irrelevant as she just revealed previously that she feels like everyone's always looking for a news and headline and that these people always want to be the one to break what her sexuality is. She even compared this to her music that this issue is not even related to what her music is all about.

With this, according to She Knows, Lovato shared that she stand up for the things she always believes in and the things she is passionate about. Demi then disclosed that she wants to keep her personal life as private as possible with regards to sexuality and dating since these things have nothing to do with her music.

Moreover, Lovato was aware that people live in a world where everyone is trying to get the thing which she referred to as soundbite and she purposefully not giving to that soundbite. The singer has an upcoming documentary which will be released on October 12 and she encouraged everyone to watch it as she answered a lot of question in that documentary.

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