Keyshia Ka'Oir Family: Gucci Mane Dishes On His Once Uneasy Relationship With Wife

Gucci Mane and his new wife Keyshia Ka’oir are considered hip-hop royalty. However, the rapper has revealed some of the worst days the couple experienced before they tied the knot earlier this month.

Gucci doesn’t hold back in speaking on the ins and outs of his and Keyshia’s relationship in his new memoir The Autobiography of Gucci Mane. He revealed that his three years in jail due to a lean (prescription cough syrup) addiction and pending assault case was a true turning point for their once unsettling romance.

He wrote that he questioned Keyshia as to why she hadn’t bailed him out yet. At the time he had been in an isolation cell for two weeks.

“Keyshia had good reason to not want to help me out,” he wrote. “I’d gone crazy on her, first privately on the phone when she’d tried to talk me off the ledge and then on Twitter. But that wasn’t why Keyshia hadn’t come to bond me out. She’d taken every one of my phone calls since my arrest. Her phone bill was ridiculous from all my collect calls. Despite everything,s he still wanted to help me. But Keyshia couldn’t get me out of jail.”

Still, what she could do was encourage him to better himself while he was behind bars. During that time he did go through a withdrawal, “paranoia” and even depression. He also dropped nearly 80 pounds in hopes of amazing his future wife.

Gucci had tried to live a secret life outside of Keyshia when it came to his addiction to drugs. He confessed he wanted to “downplay” his “vices” as Keyshia refused to take part in drug use or abuse.

“I’d promised her I was done drinking lean, which was a lie,” he continued. “…But as long as I stayed on point and didn’t let things spiral out of control she would have no reason not to believe me.”

However, Gucci couldn’t keep things under control. And he says Keyshia was still there for him when he was in jail.

“For so long I’d felt like I’d been dealt a bad hand,” he said. “But prison is a humbling experience. It was hell in there and over time that made me start to appreciate all my blessings on the outside. I had a good life waiting for me…I had Keyshia, my first real love. The first woman I ever wanted to bring to a red carpet and let the world know this was my lady. She held me down the whole time I was locked up and showed me what it means to have somebody you can truly count on. I wanted to be able to return the favor.”

The two tied the knot in a $1.7 million ceremony that aired on BET Oct. 17. Be sure to keep up with Enstars for the latest.

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