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Justin Bieber Cat Photos: Tuts Joins Twitter, Singer's Blonde Cat Competes with Grumpy Cat?

By Dale Whales , EnStars
on Jun 17, 2013 10:47 PM EDT
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  • Justin Bieber
  • Justin Bieber (Photo : Justin Bieber/Twitter)

Eat your heart out Grumpy Cat, Justin Bieber's feline Tuts just joined the Twitter and already has 1,332 followers.

Though Tuts is new to Twitter, he's been featured on other social media sites. Bieber's cat has made appearances on the Canadian crooner's Instagram page as well as on his pal Tyler the Creator's Instagram.

Tuts isn't different from anyone else on Twitter, posting self-serving pictures of himself with is celebrity owner and post- bath shots.

Bieber purchased Tuts four months ago and judging by the array of photos he's posted of his cat, it's safe to say he's quite infatuated with the feline. Hopefully he'll take better care of Tuts than he did of his last pet, a monkey called Mally.

German customs officers at a Munich airport seized the 23-week-old capuchin monkey, in March, while the Canadian singer was on tour. The pet has since become German national property because Bieber did not provide health and species protection certificates.

Tuts is already developing a snarky personality to match his petulant features.

"40 million beliebers are jealous of me :) #meow" We expect big things to come. Meet Tuts!," the feline tweeted yesterday.

Tuts could help Bieber stay out of trouble. The pop star has drawn the ire of several celebrities, including former NFL receiver Keyshawn Johnson, who allegedly confronted Biebs for speeding through their gated Calabasas, CA community in a Ferrari, and  Ian Somerhalder of Vampire Diaries urged the teenager to "set a good example" for his fans after the incident with Mally.

Most recently, Paris Jackson has reportedly been critical of Bieber for his failure to address some of his female fans who were cutting themselves, as a display of love for the singer. Michael Jackson's daughter was also supposedly upset about a video, which showed Bieber smoking marijuana in a hotel and referred to him as a "disgrace," according to TMZ.



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