Why Millennial Women Are Voting For Roy Moore

Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore is problematic for several reasons.

He believes laws come directly from God and his extreme belief in this makes him defy the progressive laws the United States justice system has implemented.

Moore's History

For example, he believes homosexuality is illegal and refused to issue marriage certificates to gay couples. He was fired from his chief justice role because he did not remove the Ten Commandments he installed in Alabama's Supreme Court building.

Within the final months of his Senate campaign, Moore was accused of pursuing and molesting pre-teens when he was in his 30s. The Republican candidate was accused of bigotry, too.

Despite these alarming allegations, several news outlets have interviewed women of all ages, claiming they will be voting for Moore. Cosmopolitan investigated why millennial women, in particular, are drawn to support Moore despite his sullied past.

Female Supporters Speak Out

Kierstyn Steed, a college freshman, told Cosmo she doesn't believe the molestation allegations against Moore because of the lack of evidence and timing of when the victims decided to step forward. In her interview, she also claimed it was important to have him as senator because he supports President Trump and believes in tighter immigration sanctions. "He supports stricter immigration and lower taxes on the middle class. From the very beginning I never — and I know this sounds crazy — but I never believed [the women accusing him]. And I still don't. Because it's just the lack of hard evidence," she told the publication.

30-year-old Amanda Martiniere who is a stay-at-home mom says Moore's stance on abortion made her connected to his political campaign. "It's refreshing to me to see a politician actually come out and say "I am very pro-life." I think that the quote-unquote [sic] "a woman's right to choose" is being overly glorified," Martiniere relayed to the women's magazine. She also made it clear that she believes marriage should be between a man and woman. Therefore making Moore the candidate who is aligned with her core values.

Amy Jo Underwood who is a college junior and Moore campaign intern shared why she decided to work for the Senator candidate. She also justified why women should vote for him. "He's not coming from a more political angle, like a lot of politicians are, where they see it as a game and a power play. He is a judge. He went to law school. He just applies the law as he sees it. So I really appreciate that. As a poli sci major, I have a lot of respect for that," she claimed.

It's Voting Time 

The Senate vote for Alabama is taking place Tuesday, December 12, 2017. The New York Times reports Moore's opponent, Democratic nominee Doug Jones looked "exuberant" when he placed his vote. In order for Jones to win he will need a strong turnout from Black, millennial and white-suburban voters who usually cast their ballots for Republicans.

Moore was seen traveling on a horse to cast his vote.

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