Bobbi Kristina Brown News: Whitney Houston Daughter Evicted Because She Was Neighbor From 'Hell'?

Bobbi Kristina Brown has been branded the neighbor from "hell," according to a report that was published by The National Enquirer Monday.

Brown was reportedly evicted from her Georgia apartment on June 5 for unruly behavior. Former neighbors told the publication that the 20-year-old daughter of the late Whitney Houston would get into violent arguments with her fiancé, Nick Gordon. Brown and Gordon would allegedly have drug and booze-filled all-nighters and would issue death threats against anyone who complained.

"Nick didn't actually pull his gun out on anyone, but he let it be known that he had a 'weapon' and knew how to use it," one neighbor said. "He actually said, 'You all better shut the (bleep) up or else!'"

The couple paid $2,000 per month for their unit at the AMLI North Point apartments on Beaver Creek Road. However, the neighbors told the publication that the pair would allow others to stay with them and chaos ensued a year ago.

"I have never been inside their apartment, but I understand from other people on the same floor that there were drugs and liquor all over the place in there," the source said.

The situation escalated in early June after Brown exited her residence and left a nasty note for one of her neighbors, Joshua Morse. She said that Morse and his wife should have been honored by her presence.

A representative for Brown denied that she was evicted, but neighbors insisted she was kicked out because of her behavior. Brown and Gordon alledlgedy got into a full blown argument the week before they left the AMLI North Point premises. Sources said Gordon crashed his car into the door of the complex's underground parking garage.

"I could hear glasses being thrown and shattered," the neighbor said. "I was worried that Krissi was being seriously hurt. It wasn't the first time we heard fights and loud noise coming from Krissi's apartment, but this time it sounded much more serious."

There is now fear for Brown's life and whereabouts. Although Brown inherited $20 million when her mother died in February 2012, she does not have full access to the funds until her 30th birthday. Sources believed that she was "literally homeless." Furthermore, they felt that the couple would not be able to find an apartment building willing to take them in.

"I am so glad it's over for us, but I'm afraid it's not over for Krissi -- and that's what's so sad," the source said. "Nick is bad news. We're afraid for her life."

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