Kylie Jenner Posts On Snaphat For The First Time In 9 Months

Now that Kylie Jenner has finally come out of hiding, she has decided to return to social media. The first-time mom took to her Snapchat to reveal photos of flowers from her siblings, friends,and baby daddy, Travis Scott, in celebration of the arrival of her baby girl.

Fans were surprised to see a post from Jenner as she has not posted since the news about her pregnancy broke in September 2017.

Well, on Monday, Feb. 6, it looks like the queen of Snapchat has returned! The 20-year-old gave her followers a quick glimpse of all the beautiful floral arrangements she received for her newborn daughter.

One of the arrangements came from her big sister, Kourtney Kardashian. The mother of three sent her new niece flowers along with a sweet note.

"My beautiful angel, welcome to the world. You have a lot of cousins waiting to play with you. I love you. Auntie Kourtney," the 38-year-old said.

Jenner's brother, Rob Kardashian, celebrated the birth of Kylie's daughter with silver balloons instead of flowers. The silver balloons spelled out, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY."

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West decided to send their niece a five-tiered, multi-colored rose collection. Kylie's bestie, Jordyn Woods followed along with the colorful arrangement and sent Kylie a package of roses with a note that read, "So proud of you. Love you!! Wifey."

Does Kylie's Daughter's Name Start With A "C"? 

While fans were shocked by Jenner's return, they didn't seem to notice two major details from her slew of Snapchat posts, one of them being Travis Scott's 443 stemmed roses. The rapper turned father sent his baby momma 443 roses in honor of the time that their daughter was born, which was 4:43 p.m. local time.

Meanwhile, Khloe Kardashian, who is currently expecting her first child with Tristan Thompson, sent her little sister a huge arrangement of pink, purple and white flowers that were in the shape of the letter "C."

Jenner's followers immediately assumed that Khloe's arrangement was a hint at the first initial of her daughter's name. If the baby's name ends up starting with a "C," this will debunk the popular theory that the reality star has named her daughter Butterfly.

The butterfly theory ignited after sources claimed that she decorated the baby's nursery with butterfly accents, and that both Jenner and Scott have matching miniscule butterfly tattoos.

Neither Jenner nor Scott has confirmed their daughter's name, but fans shouldn't expect to know soon because she plans to keep this part of her life private or maybe she will reveal it on Instagram. Let's see!

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