Kris Jenner Wants Kylie To 'Get Out Of The House' And 'Make Some Time' For Travis Scott

Reality show mother Kris Jenner offers valuable advice for her youngest daughter and new mom Kylie: don't forget about mom and dad.

Famous momager Kris, 62, wants her 20-year-old daughter to know that it's important to have a life outside being a mother. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians matriarch has been there, and she's hoping that the starlet will listen to her advice.

Kylie Is Too Busy With Baby Daughter

A source close to the reality show family tells Hollywood Life that while Kylie has her nanny and Kris to fall back on, the new mom wants to do most of the caring herself.

This means that she's constantly busy with Stormi and very little time for everything else. While it's great that the makeup mogul is embracing her maternal side so completely, Kris is urging her daughter to get some "me time" every once in a while.

The insider reveals that Kris has resorted to nagging Kylie, insisting that the young mom needs to occasionally leave the house even for just a few hours.

"She believes it's healthy and essential for Kylie to have some 'me time' every now and then," the insider reveals.

More Time For Travis Needed

Aside from telling Kylie not to forget spending some time by herself or with friends, Kris also wants her daughter to take the time to spend time with her baby daddy.

"Kris has also been encouraging Kylie to try and make some time for Travis — so he doesn't feel neglected — and, not to channel all of her focus and energy into just caring for Stormi," the source adds. "Travis has been trying really hard to persuade Kylie to take a night off so they can enjoy a date night out together, but she's just not ready to leave Stormi just yet."

Apparently, the rapper has been constantly asking Kylie to go on a date night with him, but the reality star has been turning him down in favor of staying in with Stormi. While she used to be known famously as a partier, the starlet has apparently turned over a new leaf now that she's a mother.

Fortunately, it's likely Stormi's father can understand why Kylie is so head over heels in love with their baby. After all, in a video obtained by TMZ, the rapper seems smitten with her as well.

"She's beautiful," Scott says of his daughter.

Despite rumors and sightings of a potential engagement ring, Kylie and Scott don't have plans of getting married any time soon, but are enjoying co-parenting Stormi at the moment. The pair is happy to take their relationship slow for now.

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