Kourtney Kardashian Diet: Star Spills New Health Secrets And Workout Regimen

Kourtney Kardashian of E! reality series Keeping Up With The Kardashians has finally revealed the details of her healthy diet. The reality star opens up about her regimen.

Inside Kourtney's Diet And Fitness

What does a typical day for Kardashian look like when it comes to her diet and exercise regimen? Kardashian said she starts with a small warm-up like running or jumping rope.

She then goes into strength training with a stair master or Pilates. Kardashian often does back kicks and weighted squats with the help of a sandbag or kettlebell to complete her workout sessions.

Interestingly enough, she credits her sister Khloe Kardashian for helping her out to stay in shape and have fun working out. She has commended Khloe for her willingness to trying anything with a positive attitude. Kourtney said she and Khloe often challenge each other to improve.

As for food, Kourtney doesn’t eat sugar or processed foods. She takes collagen supplements and apple cider vinegar with water in the morning along with a vegan probiotic shot. She enjoys avocado pudding with algae and protein powder for breakfast.

Once she's done with her workout, she partakes in another meal that usually consists of whole grain oatmeal with fruit, seeds, and a natural sweetener like honey. Her lunch to-go is a salad topped with chicken or salmon with ginger dressing.

She admitted that she has struggled to maintain her diet and even questioned why she has such a strict eating regimen. However, she said that the results have been worth it as she feels healthy and great about herself.

Kourtney also embraced the keto diet for three months in 2017 after doctors told her she had high levels of mercury and lead. Then, a typical day for her included three meals with lots of protein, healthy fats, and reduced carbs.

A New Lease On Life And Food

Kardashian has interestingly embraced yet a new diet. Viewers of Keeping Up With The Kardashians know that Kardashian tends to steer clear of all things gluten and dairy. Now, she's willing to eat both food groups in small portions.

She said that she transitioned out of her strict diet into a slightly more relaxed one when she had traveled to different places, like her trip to Japan last month.

"I don't want to throw my body off by eating whatever I want when I travel and then be really strict other times," said Kardashian.

Fans might be shocked to learn that she is now open to having a slice of pizza or even ice cream every once in a while. Still, she has made it clear she won't go overboard and doesn't want to categorize eating those treats as a cheat day.

"[It] doesn't make sense for all the hard work and eating healthy I do most of the time."

Kardashian, who recently announced she weighs 98 pounds, had been open about her diet in the past as she sticks to organic food.

She also exercises five days a week. She said it is a new habit for her that has been hard to stick with considering she is a single mom of three children.

"I just never made it a priority, and now it just makes me feel so much better - mentally and physically," Kourtney added.

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