Kylie Jenner Is Instagram’s Most Valuable Influencer With Ad Posts Worth Over $1M Each

Kylie Jenner is officially the queen of social media. The makeup mogul and reality star has been named the most valuable influencer on Instagram.

Making Serious Money Moves

The 20-year-old mother of one has always done big business on social media, but the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan is now a bonafide hit.

She's officially the highest paid family member, per post, on social media, eclipsing even big sister Kim Kardashian.

A new report published by social media insight firm D'Marie Analytics confirmed as much, citing that Jenner is the first member of her family to expand her ad revenue to over $1 million per post across her social media portfolio.

Basically, every #spon or #ad post on Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter, that Jenner has is worth an equivalent of $1 million in traditional ad spending. This is based on the Kylie Cosmetics' founder's massive social media following and high engagement across all platforms.

For comparison, a 30-second commercial during the 2018 Super Bowl cost around $5 million.

A Modern Business Model

D'Marie stated that Beyoncé was previously the highest-valued social media influencer. Now, even she can't compete with Kylie.

"Kylie is an undeniable global brand ... This young, female entrepreneur's savvy helped her reach a milestone in the influencer marketing and advertising industry which many seasoned professionals have failed to achieve," said D'Marie Analytics' CEO Frank Spadafora in a press release.

At the time of writing, Jenner has a whopping 154,775,091 followers across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Snapchat, which isn't included in that figure, confirmed she was the most followed person on the platform back in 2016. She's gained around 25,530 new followers a day since April 1 alone across the various platforms.

Surprisingly, Jenner isn't the one in her family with the most online followers, as Kim Kardashian currently holds that honor. What makes Jenner the most bankable family member is her engagement across the board. The content she posts resonates considerably with her fans, earning her a significant amount of impressions and engagement.

Jenner, who enjoyed a total social media blackout during her pregnancy, has posted nearly 200 times in the past month. Those posts generated a total of 186,152,410 engagements. Landing a paid placement on her pages comes with a massive price tag as a result.

"Influencer valuations move up and down like the stock market, but Kylie is methodical about consistently generating aspirational content for her social audience, without jeopardizing authenticity," Spadafora explained.

The D'Marie CEO further said that as Jenner personally connects with and listens to her fans, she's able to sell products they will actually buy.

A Billionaire In The Making

The social media mogul is making huge money elsewhere, too, with her mother Kris Jenner confirming last year that Kylie Cosmetics generated $420 million in revenue in its first 18 months of operation.

If business continues to grow exponentially, its eponymous owner will be a billionaire by the time she's 25.

"Right now she's super smart about keeping it all in the business. She owns it 100 percent herself, and she doesn't have any investors. It makes for a wonderful opportunity to expand," her mother explained at the time.

The makeup mogul's first ever lip kits sold out in minutes. Demand remains insanely high with each new collection she releases, right up to her most recent KOURT X KYLIE collection with sister Kourtney Kardashian.

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