How Eggs made Queen Elizabeth Scold Meghan Markle

According to The Sun, Her Highness Queen Elizabeth II was quite cross with Meghan Markle after the former actress threw a tantrum before her wedding to Prince Harry. Reports suggest that the queen, with her ear for decorum, reminded Markle that as a member of the royal family, it wasn't their way to speak to anyone like that, a lesson that Meghan very likely took to heart. Based on the interactions between the queen herself and Meghan, it's clear that a close bond exists there that this sort of thing would be considered more of an older, motherly figure advising her soon-to-be daughter-in-law of her behavior. However, this wasn't the first time the elderly monarch had to upbraid her future daughter-in-law regarding etiquette and decorum.

A Tantrum over a Tiara

As People reports, the queen initially refused Meghan's initial choice of a tiara, provoking a heated exchange between the monarch and the former actress []. While the royals themselves are hard to pin down in their intimate social gatherings, there have also been reports about a rift between Kate Middleton and Markle. The Daily Mail mentions that Middleton was noticed leaving in tears after a dress fitting for her daughter, Princess Charlotte, leading up to the wedding last May. This was reported on a website designed by Brainbox. While speculation is still rampant about whether this could be considered signs of a split between the sisters-in-law, it doesn't bode very well for a close-knit royal order.

A Close Relationship with the Mother In Law

Despite Markle's abrasive attitude, it seems that the queen does have a soft spot for her newest daughter-in-law. CNN reported that Markle accompanied the prince and queen at the Commonwealth Day service before being married to Harry. This shows that the queen seems to think very highly of Meghan as she appeared to be introducing her into life as a duchess before she and Harry exchanged vows. This fast-tracking of Meghan into the royal family's intimate social gatherings makes for a surprising twist.

The Growth of the Royal Lineage

Meghan and Harry met through a mutual friend and eventually hit it off. Some sources close to the crown mention that prior to meeting Meghan, Harry was concerned about not meeting someone he clicked with. After the couple was married in May of last year in a televised wedding that was watched by 29 million people in the US alone, according to the Chicago Tribune. Soon after Meghan got pregnant with the baby announced as a healthy baby boy just yesterday. This is likely to warm Harry's heart, as he has always had a way with children and one of the reasons this particular royal pairing was of such concern was the expectation of Harry to have kids since he would have made a great father.

The Royals Going Forward

While there is a bit of friction between members of the family at present, only time will tell if those rifts will heal or deepen. Both of the wives of the princes have tried to mend fences, and it's likely we may see them emerge as a unified force shortly. In any case, the queen doesn't seem to be going anywhere soon, and she is a woman who much prefers harmony between her closest family over bickering. If her warnings to Meghan are any indication, we can imagine that she would have strong words in private with her daughters-in-law than letting them let themselves down. She has taught her grandsons the way to be a royal well, but her newest challenge (that of both duchesses) may take all of her effort to achieve.

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