How to Watch US Netflix Shows Even When You're on the Road

Thanks to virtual private networks (VPN), Netflix subscribers can now watch their favorite TV shows even when they are on the road - and it doesn't matter where that road is. Travelers can unblock Netflix anywhere from any wireless devices. Computer, smartphones, tables - a VPN works just the same.

A VPN provides any users ultimate protection on multiple levels. VPN servers such as Surfshark allow viewers to stream from Netflix without being blocked, tracked, or hacked. VPNs other IP address masking (or 'relocating'), data encryption, undetectable online activity, and access to any website or popular streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu.

So the question is, "What's on Netflix?"

Below we look at some of the most popular shows that are streaming on Netflix right now. Simply download the Surfshark VPN and watch them from any location anywhere in the world.

1. The Haunting of House Hill

The Haunting of House Hill offers lots of intensity and jumps scare scenes that will keep viewers on edge.

The Plot: On a dark and stormy night, the main character, Hugh Crain grabs his kids and dashes out his family's massive Goth mansion. He abruptly leaves his wife, Olivia, who dies the very same night. While authorities rule that her death was a suicide, there are numerous reports that their mansion is haunted.

All five children grow up in the shadow of both the mansion and their mother's supposed suicide. Each child deals with their early trauma in different ways. As adults, the children do not communicate until an event suddenly brings them back together.

Why it's a good watch: What makes The Haunting of House Hill worth the view is the complex character development, the psychological undercurrent throughout, and, of course, the ghosts.

2. Alias Grace

Margaret Atwood's bestseller is finally brought to life in the Netflix adaptation of Alias Grace, a mystery that raises as many questions as it provides answers.

The Plot: The lead character, Grace Marks, is serving a sentence for murder. Her male accomplice was executed by hanging for the same murder. Why is Grace still serving a sentence instead of facing execution? Because her guilt is still in question. Numerous supporters hire Dr. Simon Jordan to interview Grace so that she will finally reveal the truth. As the story opens up, viewers find Grace traveling from Ireland to Canada, where she becomes a servant of the victim that she allegedly murdered.

Why it's a good watch: For viewers who like a good mystery, Alias Grace is the ultimate whodunit flick. Its exploration of social hierarchies, gripping moments, and Grace's story, will keep Netflix subscribers intertwined with the show.

3. Peaky Blinders

Now in its fourth season (season five will be released later on this year), Peaky Blinders is hands down one of Netflix's best and most popular shows.

The Plot: With the post World War I era set as the backdrop, a British crime family, the Shelbys try to control Birmingham before the city has a chance to rebuild. The story starts with favorite son Tommy Shelby returning from the war and automatically becoming the central figure in the show. He and the other Shelbys attempt to control Birmingham by stealing a shipment of guns and working their way up the crime ladder. Naturally, they collide with competing crime families.

Why it's a good watch: While the cinematography depicts a dark and dreary setting, the scenes and background are stunning. The show is well cast, and the character development will draw you in. The most striking element of Peaky Blinders is how it powerfully muddies the waters of morality when placed in the hands of disturbing and complicated people.

4. Mindhunter

Mindhunter is nothing short of a classic psychological thriller, leaning more on mind games than outright violence, but with no shortage of shock value.

The Plot: Back in the late 70s, the FBI was facing a new kind of criminal: the serial killer. Agent Holden Ford, who is portrayed as being way ahead of his time, is convinced that the FBI is capable of understanding the mind of a serial killer. Ford travels cross-country unlocking clues about serial killers, but with much resistance from his co-agents.

Why it's a good watch: Mindhunter does what Silence of the Lambs failed to do in actually going deeper into the mind of a psychopath. The characters are real enough, and there is a sophistication to both the dialogue and the plot. Plus, the movie is eerie and leaves the viewer feeling a bit uncomfortable - which is what a psychological show is supposed to do.

5. Dead to Me

Dead to Me is a study of how a complicated relationship can unfold amid trauma. This unpredictable show was a surprise breakout for Netflix and has already pulled in legions of fans.

The Plot: Jen is a widow trying to hold it together while relentlessly trying to solve her husband's hit-and-run murder. Judy, her polar opposite is a free-spirited widow (sort of) who is also struggling with her newfound life. They meet in a support group and get to know each other. Each relationship brings a new twist to the relationship, as Judy tries to keep a secret hidden that could destroy their friends and have a lasting negative impact.

Why it's a good watch: While Dead to Me doesn't bring the laughs as it promises, Applegate and Cardellini complement each other perfectly and deliver solid performances. They make the entire series worth watching inside a dark comedy that grabs hold of viewers and won't let go.

These and other great shows are currently playing Netflix. With the Surfshark VPN, users can easily stream their favorite shows from any remote locations. Best of all, they can watch Netflix without worrying about compromising their safety or getting blocked by Netflix. Thanks to VPNs, users can now travel anywhere they want to go and never miss an episode of their favorite TV shows.

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