Drake a Liar? Canadian Rapper Responds To Father's Allegations!

Drake's songs have always been deep, particularly those related to love and family. He wrote the songs "0 to 100" and "Look What You Have Done," which are both about his father who abandoned him. His father failed to pay for child support and has repeatedly let him down.

His father -- Dennis Graham -- used to be a musician from Memphis and spent time in jail before drifting in and out of his son's life.

Last week, however, Drake's father spoke with Nick Cannon on his "Close Conversations" LA Power 106 radio show and claimed that Drake was actually embellishing details of a bad father-and-son relationship "to sell records."

In the interview, Cannon also shared with Graham that his father was not always around when he was growing up.

"I have a very similar situation to where my mother was a single mother and had to do a lot on her own," he said. "There was a large amount of time where my father wasn't around."

Unlike Drake and Graham, Cannon's relationship with his father is "super cool" now.

Drake had often used his parents' divorce in his music, recalling how they broke up when he was a child. He also stated that his father has had trouble with alcohol.

Graham told the radio host that he had a heart-to-heart conversation with his son about the songs he wrote.

"I talk to him, if not every day, every other day. And we really got into a deep conversation about that. I said, Drake, why are you saying all this stuff about me? This is not cool."

Drake, according to Graham, answered him with: "Dad, it sells records."

After their conversation, his father just agreed to go with the flow.

On October 8th, Drake took it to social media to respond to his father's claims, saying he was "so hurt." He refuted his father's confession and clarified that what he said about his father in the past were all true.

Drake added that his father "will say anything to anyone that's willing to listen to him," adding that it's hard for some people to accept the truth. The popular rapper and businessman said that it saddens him to hear his father do something like that to him.


After catching wind of the entire thing, fans rushed to social media to share their opinions.

One commented that there was no way Graham had been there fully present since he lived in Memphis while Drake grew up in Canada with his mother.

Another commented that Drake's photos with his father were when the musician was between the ages of one to five. During that time, all he had was his mother.

During a 2013 GQ interview, Drake described his dad as slick and could sell water to a well. He said he is an incredible, charming, talented and stylish father. Because of Graham's actions, it served as the reverse role model for him.

Drake also talked about trying to mend their fractured relationship, but it was an emotional process.

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