Hillary Clinton Praises Meghan Markle for Not Bowing to Bullies

Former secretary of the United States Hillary Clinton and daughter, Chelsea, shielded Meghan Markle from the crticisms made by U.K. tabloids.

During their joint interview in the The Sunday Times, the mother and daughter act showed their love to the actress-turned-royalty and let their followers know that the Duchess of Sussex has the support of the whole Clinton family.

Clinton reminisced how she always supported the royal family, from the time of Prince Charles until both Princes William and Harry grew up.

This time, she stood up and got more vocal in supporting Markle, whom she admires for waving the U.S. flag on the world stage as a royalty. The 71-year old former first lady spoke up and defended Markle from the bad treatment of British tabloids.

"I do want to say that the way she's been treated is inexplicable," Clinton said. "If the explanation is that she's biracial, then shame on everybody."

Clinton also noted that she personally believed that Markle's race is "certainly" one of the reasons why British tabloids continue to target and criticize the former 'Suits' actress. 

Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex have decided to take legal action against Associated Newspapers for breaching the Data Privacy Act of 2018 (or the General Data Protection Regulation in Europe).

The Associated Newspapers is the home of British tabloids, including Daily Mail, Mail Online, and Metro -- who published their interview with Markle's father, as well as parts of the letters written by Markle herself during her wedding.

Chelsea, on the other hand, showed her admiration to Markle for standing up and resisting what she termed as acts of bullying.

"I don't know her, but as someone who respects her, I'm so grateful that she persists, and is unbowed, and is doing work she feels called to do. And isn't willing to be bullied," Chelsea said.

Former USA first lady Michelle Obama also stepped out to support the Duchess of Sussex, whom she met with the Girls Opportunity Alliance in South Africa. Michelle called Markle "an inspiration to so many" for her advocacies and acts that are changing the world.

Prince Harry's Deepest Fear

Prince Harry said that his biggest fear is when history repeats itself, referencing to the death of his mother, Pricness Diana.

The Duke of Sussex said he just cannot allow his wife toi fall victim to the "same powerful forces." What his mother has lived through is something that he is currently protecting Markle from.

The prince strongly stated that his wife is a victim of British tabloids press, who does nothing but treat Markle ruthlessly.

That single fact is enough for Prince Harry to push through a lawsuit against British tabloids. To put it simply, Prince Harry and the Duchess are now standing up against bullying and the media involved. People know that the case is not about money or Daily Mail saying sorry anymore.

Prince Harry ended his strong statement with words of gratitude for the people who continuously support them because they really need it right now.

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