Camila Cabello Rips Off Marina's Songs? Compare Here!

It looks like not everyone is happy to see Camila Cabello's latest music video featuring her new song, Cry for Me.

With her new project, Marina Diamandis fans accused her of ripping off their idol with the said new song. More so, the enraged followers claim that Cabello allegedly copied Diamandis' hit single, Karma, with Liar another new song she sang recently in a music event.

Fans can't help but compare the songs of Cabello to their favorite artist's music following her SNL performance. The similarity in melody and tempo could have been the reason for the 'copying' accusation on one of today's most-wanted artists.

Specifically, as mentioned, Diamandis fans have noticed the similarities in tone, but according to some music observers, "pop songs always have similarities in some ways."

Controversy Amidst Her Current Success

They say a person's success is gauged not just by achievements but also by involvement in controversies, just like what Cabello is currently experiencing.

It is undeniable that Cabello is presently at the peak of her music career. After she topped the charts the whole of summer with the song Señorita, a collaboration with Shawn Mendes, the young performer is presently preparing for the release of her highly anticipated second album, Romance.

Before the release of her album, Cabella dropped Liar and Shameless as the record's lead singles. Following next, as another blessing to her fans, is the controversial Cry for Me.

On Saturday Night Live (Oct 12), Camila performed not one, but two of her new songs. Dressed in a simple white dress, she delivered a stripped-back version of Easy.

Camila also sang Cry for Me, donning a Marie Antoniette look, complete with a fan -- reminiscent of the queen of pop, Madonna, herself. The performances, for the most part, received widespread praise online, but MARINA fans are not impressed.

More of Similarity than Copied

Though accused of copying, no one can pinpoint who's copying from whom.

One thing is sure and evident, they are similar when it comes to where they draw inspiration for the music they make. For Cabello, her songs are her life's story during the past years. Just the same, Diamandis gets inspirations from her life's emotions. Her 16-track album, Love + Fear, has as emotion driving each song.

Instead of ripping off, some of the music aficionado's opinion is that, maybe, Cabello's music is just an inspiration of Diamandis' beautiful melody.

Just a thought: since no word from the two artists has been released, we wonder what can Diamandis say about this issue. Her long-time followers surely know that their favorite artist hates being compared to a fellow artist. In a 2012 article, she expressed annoyance whenever she was being compared to Lana Del Rey and Lady Gaga.

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