Selena Gomez Confirms Justin Bieber Chapter of Her Life is CLOSED

Selena Gomez just released two of her songs from her new album, and everyone is in heart-breaking feels!

Fans are in tears when the two songs were released, in which both are most likely about her ex, Justin Bieber. 

In her new song "Lose You To Love Me," there were lines that indicated being "replaced" in just two months, which is the same amount of time Justin took to move on from Selena to Hailey Baldwin.

In an interview, Selena explained more about how that situation made her feel and why that "chapter of her life" is officially closed.

Selena Had the Internet Shook

The whole Internet absolutely went wild when Selena released not one, but two new songs about her ex Justin Bieber. Although she didn't really directly said that it's about JB, everyone simply assumed it given the lyrics of the song.

Fans went through the song line by line to find out what really went wrong in the ex-lovers relationship.

In her songs, Selena wrote about heartache, cheating issues and dodged bullets. However, the line in the song "Lose You To Love Me" where she said "in two months you replaced us" revealed much that anyone was not expecting.

Most people who got into the lyrics assumed that the song was entirely about Justin moving on to his now-wife Hailey Baldwin, who he dated two months after he and Selena broke up for good. 

It's About Justin?!

People were thrilled to hear Selena's side in one of Ryan Seacrest's live one-on-one interviews with the Disney singer-actress.

In the interview by Ryan on his radio show "On Air with Ryan Seacrest", he started by mentioning the trending lyric line, saying he believes that it's harder and more painful to see someone you love to move on first than the breakup situation itself. Selena agreed.

Gomez said she is grateful for experiencing it a million times in her life, and she finds herself in the unfortunate part of what she does. The singer also stated it was all real to her, compared to other people who consider it only to be for entertainment. 

"It's been four years since I've been working on this album and it's actually perfect timing because I was going to release it two years ago and none of the words that I'm speaking would have existed," Selena explained. 

Selena added that she could have not included the song "Lose You To Love Me" in her album two years ago, as she admitted it took her a long time to get through it -- hinting about her breakup with Justin.

The "God is a Woman" hitmaker, however, pointed out that she is happy now and feeling great again, further proving speculations that her song is for Bieber and it's her way of moving on.

Surprised Selena

Ryan also asked Selena about what she felt when she saw people's reaction to her personal song lyrics. The singer answered she is just "doing what she's doing."

However, Ariana noted she has been waiting for so long to express what she really feels about her situation. She has always been very honest to people, especially her fans, and that song is her way to express how she truly feels. 

Selena also admitted she was a bit "shocked" with the reactions coming from the public since most artists express their personal thoughts and feelings through their songs. Moreover, heer breakup and love life was never private.

Gomez said that the two new songs were just a "little bow wrapping up a chapter" in her life. Her whole album is about all where she is now and where she is going.

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