Tips to Remove Wart or Skin Tag

Warts and skin tags are non-cancerous and not dangerous. However, they may cause some pain or irritation. In the case of warts, it is contagious.

Try as we might, we cannot just hide warts and skin tags. Some even multiply in certain areas, including the genitals. Unless it is a Celebrity Big Brother Task like Samantha Brick's unsightly warts, these skin blemishes will have to go!

Here is what you can do:

Evagloss Genital Wart Remover
(Photo : Photo: Evagloss on Amazon)
Evagloss Genital Wart Remover

Painless Method

One cannot simply pull out a wart when you see it. Warts and skin tags are supplied by blood vessels. To safely remove these skin blemishes without pain, we like Evagloss Gentle Wart Remover.

Keep in mind that warts grow on the outermost layer of the skin -- the epidermis. So a gentle cleanser would be enough to remove a blemish that is not skin-deep.

To use, simply wash the wart with warm water and dry completely. Wet a cotton swab with Evagloss and apply it on the wart. There is no need to put on pressure during application.

Repeat several times on a big wart. Add this beauty must-have to your morning and evening beauty routine to shrink, dry, fade, and remove warts. On average, satisfied customers have removed their warts with Evagloss in about 20 days.

BEALUZ 2-in-1 Wart Remover
(Photo : Photo: Bealuz on Amazon)
BEALUZ 2-in-1 Wart Remover

Fast Method

Cannot wait long for your warts to bid farewell? Go for a more powerful formulation like the BEALUZ 2-in-1 Wart Remover. It works to remove and repair warts in about 3-7 days.

Warts will fall off by themselves as long as you apply BEALUZ on the area twice a day. This is recommended for those with flat warts, plantar warts, and other warts caused by HPV virus.

Keep in mind that allergic reactions may occur as it boasts a stronger formulation for speedy results.

Aroamas Skin Tag Remover and Repair Lotion Set
(Photo : Photo: Aroamas on Amazon)
Aroamas Skin Tag Remover and Repair Lotion Set

Bite of an Ant Method

For removing skin tags, the process is not entirely pain-free. However, there should only be some slight discomfort like an ant had bitten you.

As skin tags are like an extension of the skin, we need to remove it safely while making sure the skin won't have a scar or blemish after.

To get rid of our skin tags, we use Aroamas Skin Tag Remover and Repair Lotion Set. The two bottles work to safely remove skin tag while healing the skin. The formulation feels soothing on the skin and it also has skin-firming features.

PuriDerma Wart Remover
(Photo : Photo: Puriderma on Amazon)
PuriDerma Wart Remover

No Burning or Freezing Method

Dermatological treatments to remove warts often incorporate burning or freezing. Cryotherapy procedure uses liquid nitrogen on the warts to remove it by extreme cold or burning. However, such treatments cause pain, redness, and blisters.

A dermatologist alternative we love is PuriDerma Wart Remover. It is a cruelty-free product that can remove warts in about two weeks.

Wart Removal Ointment
(Photo : Photo: Bealuz on Amazon)
Wart Removal Ointment

Maximum Strength Method

When it comes to genital warts, we only opt for the fast-acting potency of BEALUZ Puriderma Wart Removal Ointment. We prefer an ointment rather than a liquid formula, as it is easier to apply on the genital area.

This ointment is made with active natural herbal ingredients to restore the area affected by warts. Use this on your warts three times a day and see your wart fall-off pain-free in about 12 weeks.

Which method will you try?

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