The 8 Best Teeth Whitening Products of 2019

Are you smiling with your mouth closed because your teeth are yellowish? Have you been stereotyped as a snob because you feel conscious when people look at your mouth while you talk?

If you want to know how to whiten your teeth naturally, you will need to avoid a few things: nicotine, red wine, coffee, tea and even berries!

Hold on, that doesn't sound realistic!

If you want to gain more confidence to laugh, smile, and openly talk as much as you want, then you will want to have your teeth whitened.

A wedding, homecoming, or even the upcoming holidays will have your teeth photo-ready with these best teeth whitening products of 2019.

1. Blitzby Teeth Whitening Pen

Afraid of getting laser treatment for white teeth? You don't have to.

These pens are "Made in the USA" to whiten teeth without the pain! It is a gentle yet effective formulation, removing years of yellow stains while whitening your teeth.

The pen comes with a gluten-free whitening gel. Simply twist the pen and apply on your teet -- works as fast as one week!

Blitzby Teeth Whitening Pen
(Photo : Amazon)

2. AsaVea Premium Teeth Whitening Kit

This At-Home Advance Teeth Whitening Kit is a painless method to get your teeth ready for any occassion. It will not leave you with any sensitivity issues, too.

It comes with a universally-fitting mouth tray for no-mess application. The procedure can be done at home. It takes only 30 minutes a day and you will have brighter teeth in 7-10 days.

AsaVea Premium Teeth Whitening Kit
(Photo : Amazon)

3. Terez & Honor Teeth Whitening Pen

Whitening your teeth in a crunch? It does not get any faster than with this teeth whitening pen! Commit just 60 seconds in your morning and evening beauty routine and you will have whiter teeth in no time.

There are three pens in the set, and they are travel-friendly. You can apply it on your teeth on your way to work, on a plane, in your cubicle -- anywhere, really!

Plus, there is no after taste. You can use this product to maintain your white teeth after achieving the desired shade.

Terez & Honor Teeth Whitening Pen
(Photo : Amazon)

4. Tetyana Naturals Teeth Whitening Pen

If you want somethiong like a minty toothpaste taste, opt for this product. At five inches and weighing less than an ounce, you can have teeth whitening treatment on-hand.

The tip of the pen makes it easy to paint your teeth white, just like brushing your teeth. Moreover, it is portable so you can paint your teeth in a jiffy before you go in front of the camera.

Tetyana Bright White Pen
(Photo : Amazon)

5. Crest 3D Whitening Strips

Peel off years of stains on your teeth with these whitening strips. For maximum effect, leave it on your teeth for an hour.

You can talk and drink water with the clear strips on your teeth. The whitening effect of the product does wane over time, so make sure to check the expiration.

6. Aroamas Teeth Whitening Pen

Expect your teeth to be up to eight times lighter using this teeth whitening kit. There are three pens in the kit to maintain your white teeth.

The pen comes with a clear gel that will not cause pain or sensitivity. Use it as often as needed. With this tool, you can keep enjoying coffee, wine, and other foods known to stain teeth.

Aroamas Teeth Whitening Pen
(Photo : Amazon)

7. Ubittek Moldable Custom Dental Night Guards

Do you have a favorite teeth whitening gel that is effective but has a messy application? Use these custom dental guards. It is FDA-approved, BPA and latex-free.

These 3-in-1 dental guards double as a teeth whitening tray, an athletic mouth guard and dental night guard to prevent teeth grinding. Now that is good value for money.

(Photo : Ubittek)

8. Blitzby Express Teeth Whitening Strips

These teeth whitening strips can keep teeth white for up to 90 days. At the onset, it can take up to two weeks to remove yellow stains, but keeping it white will be easy.

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