'Absolutely Absurd': John Legend Lambasted for 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' Remake

John Legend and Kelly Clarkson's updated version of "Baby, It's Cold Outside" is not receiving a warm welcome.

One of those who voiced out their disapproval is no other than Deana Martin, who slammed the rendition and called it "absolutely absurd."

The 71-year-old singer took the chance to express her dissatisfaction as she talked with Good Morning Britain. As a daughter of Dean Martin, who popularized the Frank Loesser composition in his 1959 rendition, she was utterly displeased by the fact that Legend and Clarkson made numerous changes in the song lyrics.

Deana further said that his father "would be going insane" if he would hear of the updated version. Martin noted that Legend made the song even more sexual.

"It's absolutely absurd," the singer slammed.

Martin's criticism did not end there. She added that Legend could actually be using the popularity of the song through reclaiming it as his own.

"I think what he's done is, he's stealing the thunder from Frank Loesser's song and from my dad," Deana claimed. "He should write his own song if he doesn't like this one, but don't change the lyrics. It's a classic, perfect song."

The original "Baby, It's Cold Outside" was first released in 1944, initially as a playful call-and-response duet between the songwriter Frank Loesser and his wife. It was later used for the musical film "Neptune's Daughter" in 1948, and in the succeeding year, it won an Academy Award.

It was nothing but a typical Christmas classic, until afterward, when it suddenly ignited an unending debate.

In 2004, Canada's National Post pinned the song as an "ode of statutory rape." Other articles further called it as something that talks of "what may be a death rape."

In their version, Legend and Clarkson have considered the #MeToo movement, putting a 21st century spin to the Oscar-winning Christmas classic in their attempt to make the lyrics "non-problematic." In the lyrics change, the singers made it sound more like two lovers parting for the day instead of a persistent man persuading a woman to stay with him.

Apparently, not everyone was convinced with the changes they applied on the classic.

"The Talk" co-host Sharon Osbourne said that rewriting problematic songs is "ridiculous."

"What would John Legend do, if in 40 years, if somebody wanted to... re-record one of his songs, and there was some group that found it offensive, and somebody just went, 'Oh, I can change the lyrics on that,'" Osbourne pointed out.

Piers Morgan also went after the updated song through a column published in The Daily Mail.

"There's nothing sleazy about it, or nasty, or even remotely 'problematic' to quote the ghastly buzzword of modern-day political correctness," Morgan wrote.

Piersd also called out the "super woke" whom he dubbed as "permanently offended virtue-signalers." He emphasized that they do not represent the "99.9" percent of the listeners who liked the original song as it has been.

Legend and Clarkson dropped the remake of "Baby, It's Cold Outside" Friday. It is featured in Legend's first holiday album, "A Legendary Christmas: Deluxe Edition."

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