Meghan Markle Intensifies Fight Against ‘Absurd’ Tabloids

Meghan Markle continues her battle with U.K. tabloids, dropping more damaging bombs to her detractors through some newly released court claims.

Through her lawyers, Markle filed new legal documents that voluminously detailed the libelous acts of U.K. tabloids.

The Associated Newspapers is the home of British tabloids, including Daily Mail, Mail Online, and Metro -- who published their interview with Markle's father, as well as parts of the letters written by Markle herself during her wedding. They falsified more stories about the duchess in their pursuit of making her look bad in the public.

Byline, through its independent journalism site "Byline Investigates", exclusively circulated excerpts from the newly filed court papers by Markle's camp. It pointed out that the U.K-based publications Daily Mail and Mail misused the letter and did not give the "full" content in order to mislead the readers and paint the Duchess of Sussex in a bad light.

The new document also explained that Markle did not ignore her father after the wedding, far from the defamatory articles published by "Associated Newspapers."

Moreover, the document tackled several derogatory statements by Daily Mail and Mail On Sunday, including the exploitation of Markle's father Thomas and tracking him down in Mexico, the baby shower issue, her relationship with Doria Ragland, made up issues about Prince Harry and more.

Among the false stories which involved Prince Harry's name stated that the expenses made on the renovations of their home, Frogmore Cottage, was charged to the taxpayers.

"They intended to portray the Claimant in a damaging light by suggesting that she had indulged in this series of absurdly lavish renovations, which were, in fact, false (as the Defendant was informed at the time) and entirely made up," Markle's lawyers stated.

A few months ago, Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex decided to take legal action against the Associated Newspapers for breaching the Data Privacy Act of 2018 (or the General Data Protection Regulation in Europe). New allegations against the U.K's biggest mid-market newspaper publication included breach of copyright, misapplication of private information, and another count of data privacy felonies.

A media commentator and Professor of Journalism Brian Cathcart said that the "Associated Newspapers" should respond and justify all their published articles against Markle.

"If they can't show it's accurate and verified - then the editors of these papers should resign. There can be no possible defense for national newspapers waging a war of falsehood of the kind alleged here," Cathcart went on.

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