Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Have a Netflix Movie (Sort Of)

Royal fans who watched "A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby" in Netflix saw striking resemblances to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's lives.

There are already books and movies dedicated to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's lives, but this third installment of the film seems to be an addition.

The first most obvious one is that an American girl married a European royal, and they are having a baby. It is easy to think that the writers of the movies are drawing from the real royal experience.

Moreover, the couple in the movie wanted their baby to live a normal life, and that is also what Prince Harry and Meghan want for baby Archie. They did not give him a royal title because they want him to be that normal, according to a report.

Before baby Archie was born, Meghan reportedly also explored the hypnobirthing technique, which is the same as Amber and Richard in the movie. Hypno-technique is a unique positive body toning technique to help make giving birth easily.


The couple in the "A Christmas Prince" and the Sussexes first wanted to keep the gender of their baby top secret. Unluckily, Meghan and Prince Harry's supposed surprise was spoiled when people who attended the baby shower were seen bringing gifts in blue -- which indicates that the baby is a boy.

Eeryone knows Meghan's mother, Doria Ragland, is a yoga instructor, so it is pretty sure Meghan has also been taught yoga ever since. King Richard and Queen Amber of the film use yoga to relax, and it is likely Prince Harry and Meghan do too since they also have a yoga room in their house.

When the New York Yankees played a game in the U.K., the Sussexes received a Yankees onesie from the theme. In the movie, Amber also received a New York-themed onesie for her daughter.

However, in the movie, how the two met are different from how Meghan and Prince Harry met in real life. Amber, the future Queen, was a young reporter the time she was supposed to write an exposé on the Prince. Prince Richard was considered a playboy.

To get close to the Prince, Amber posed as a tutor. The two ended up together.

In real life, Prince Harry and Meghan met through friends, and there was no deception on Meghan's part. At that time, she was already a famous actress. Both previously operated in the same social circle, so there was no need on the Duchess' part to fake anything.

"A Christmas Prince," the first movie, was released in 2017. The story started when a young journalist, Amber, wanted to write an exposé about the playboy prince, Richard. That time, Richard was also on the hunt for a Queen. To get close to Richard, she posed as a tutor. But things took a wild turn when both fell in love, although the royal family does not accept their relationship.

The second movie, "A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding," Amber and Richard prepare to tie the knot in a big wedding ceremony to be watched by millions of people. However, Amber struggles to comprehend the royal responsibilities given to her, as she is forced to give up her blog and her sense of normality.

The movies include a Christmas reference because the two fell in love at Christmas and then married on Christmas day.

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