Get Ready for Netflix in 2020

Since its birth about a decade ago, Netflix has been seen by countless millions around the world as a modern technological treasure. As Netflix has increased its streaming selection and the number of countries it operates in, more and more people have been able to cut the cord. 

Indeed, it is becoming a trendy thing in some upper-middle class circles to brag about how they do not watch cable television anymore because they only have online streaming services. This has been a massive slap in the face of cable networks which have been scrambling to retain their shrinking viewership by attempting to make their services more attractive or finding ways to sabotage their new online competitors.

This has been a massive boon for content consumers everywhere because they now have a service that they can access outside their living room. Having said that, one lingering challenge to would-be streamers worldwide is the fact that so much content is only available in the United States. 

This phenomenon has become so pervasive that content viewers have tried to figure out how to watch American Netflix on their devices instead of their default local version. Afterall, when comparing the library content of the rest of the world to that of the United States, the library of most other countries is miniscule in comparison.  

The Menace of Geo-blocking

Most frequenters of Netflix and other streaming services will definitely have come across the concept of geo-blocking. This is where certain content is restricted to certain markets. The reasons for this are surely multifaceted and complex, but the bottom line for someone sitting on their couch looking for a good movie to watch is that they cannot watch what they want.

This becomes an even more of a frustration considering the massive lineups announced by Netflix and other streaming services to usher in the next decade. And you can be sure that this slew of new content is not going to be fully democratized across the globe. 

Gamers have faced similar problems for years where they would encounter different prices for the same game depending on what market their IP address put them in. They even face situations where certain games would simply not be sold in their market.

What a Good VPN Can Do

A good VPN can help a long way in assisting streamers in peripheral markets that far too often go underserved. A good VPN will have two main features to compete against others and many other side features to differentiate themselves. 

Encryption Protection

A good VPN service will cover any and all exchanges coming in and out of your devices with a layer of encryption. The encryption program will systematically scramble the information and unscramble it as it enters the intended destination. This way, when nosy third parties intercept these exchanges, all they will have is useless scrambling that can do them nothing.

This is especially important with those who have very sensitive personal information saved on their devices such as their bank account and routing number or even trade secrets from the company they work for. Should this information fall into the wrong hands, these people would get into a lot of trouble.

Alternate IP Addresses

A good VPN service will have a varied selection of alternate IP addresses to choose from. After you activate the VPN service on your device, you will be able to choose from their list of alternate IP addresses. Once you have settled on a selection, the VPN will then reroute your exchanges through a server in that location.

What this will do is give the impression that the alternate IP address is indeed your actual address and you will be treated as such. For example, if you select an IP address in a different country, you might receive ads that are specific to that country in that country's local language. 

How Does This Help Me Watch American Netflix?

The two main features mentioned above work together to reinforce each other when you are trying to access the American Netflix selection. It would first start with the alternate IP address. If you are a Netflix streamer outside the United States and wish to access America-specific content, all you would need to do is to select an alternate IP address that is in the United States.

This will then enable you to use Netflix disguised as an American user. It is important that the VPN service you have is able to bypass the infamous Netflix firewall. This is where the encryption also comes into play. Because Netflix realizes its customers will try to do such things, it has an impressive defense system that serves to catch people in the act.

Unfortunately, there are penalties for those who get caught. But with a good VPN service, the encryption protection provided will enable users to stay continuously hidden from scrutiny. With the layer of encryption, no one will realize exactly what you are doing and as such will not be able to accuse you of any wrongdoing.

The Best the Internet Has to Offer

The wonders of the internet are too numerous to list down. What modern technology has given is truly remarkable once you sit down to contemplate it all. When it comes to entertainment, the online world has truly blessed us with mountains of content that we can access at anytime and anywhere we so wish. And with the rise of impeccable VPN services, the bounty of what the internet has to offer will be open to everyone in its entirety.

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