REPORT: Princess Diana's Iconic Dress Fails to Sell at Auction For Charity

A piece of Princess Diana's memory sadly did not find a buyer at an auction. 

The blue velvet gown Diana wore instantly became an iconic dress when she was photographed wearing it while dancing with John Travolta. It was back in 1985 when the two met during a White House state dinner.

It was put up for auction at the Kerry Taylor Auctions. Experts have predicted it would go as high as $330,000 to $450,000. To their dismay, the bids did not even reach the reservation level that was set at $265,000. 

Later that evening, after the auction, the dress was sold to a British institution for roughly $290,000. According to the staff at the auction house, the buyer was very happy about the purchase. He remains hopeful that he would be able to stay in the U.K. with the dress. 

There were two other ensembles of Princess Diana that were included in the auction -- The Katherine Cusask blue velvet evening gown and the Catherine Walker outfit in navy. Both were sold at the auction at above their estimated price. The former was sold at $60,000 while the latter went for nearly $37,000. 

According to the auction house, the iconic bare shoulder dress was specially requested by Princess Diana to be made in blue. She particularly saw the burgundy version of the dress at the studio of the designer Victor Edelstein.

All the gowns were fitted by the late princess at her private apartment at the Kensington Palace. She loved how it turned out that she could not help herself. She rushed to Prince Charles to show him the gown. He complimented the princess and said that she looked "wonderful" in it.

Travolta recalled what happened at that time during his interview with a Dutch Television station Een. The actor said he could not forget that night. 

"I didn't expect to dance with lady Diana at that time," Travolta recalled. However, he added that it was President Reagan's wife, Nancy, who told him that it was Diana's wish. And so he took the chance at midnight.

John tapped Diana on the shoulder for her attention. When she turned to him, he asked her if she wanted to dance. She turned around and bowed her head Princess Diana "way" and off they were to a dance that lasted for 15 minutes. 

The "Grease" actor said that it was an unforgettable moment. He considers the dance with the late Princess Diana the highlight of his being in the United States. The staff in the auction house revealed that their dance was Diana's favorite, too.

Furthermore, John said that he is saddened that Diana is no longer alive, but he considered her as the life-changing force that made him a better person. 

During his appearance in "Good Morning America" back in 2016, Travolta was asked if there was something about the past that he wanted to bring back to the present. He quickly replied that he would love to dance with Princess Diana again. 

John clarified the date when the iconic dance happened. He recalled that it happened sometime in 1986. He considers it one of the most memorable parts of the 80s and thought it was a good memory to relive. 

While no one wanted the dress Diana wore that time, it was and will always be a symbold about the good life that the late princess lived.

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