Royal Trouble: Prince Harry, Meghan Markle's Move to Canada Is Apparently Against The Law

A prominent newspaper in Canada published an article that says Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are allowed to visit Canada. However, they cannot stay in the country because the monarchy law states that "neither rules nor resides."

Apparently, it violates the law since the country has the governor-general, the provincial lieutenant-governors, who are considered the closest as it comes to Canada having a resident royalty -- but "they're not royalty." 

British-ruled countries should not have a resident royalty on their ground, but instead should stay at arms length and should stay that way, according to the editorial. 

Prince Harry and Meghan are considered senior royals, and should they remain that way, Canada simply cannot allow them to reside there.

According to The Globe and Mail, it is not about breaking up with Queen Elizabeth II but rather maintaining Canada's unique and highly successful monarchy.

"In response to the sudden announcement of a vague and evolving plan for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to move to Canada while remaining part of the Royal Family, the Trudeau government's response should be simple and succinct: NO."

It stomps on Canada's identity, the article notes. 

Canadians reportedly like the monarchy, the Queen and other royal family members visit, which tend to produce outpours of public enthusiasm.  However, the article said that "while people who embody the Crown pay visits from time to time, they don't set up a home on the premises."

The editorial stated that a member of the royal family living in Canada does not accord with the long-standing nature of the relationship between Canada and Britain, as well as Canada and the Crown. 

If they were "plain old Harry and Meghan from Sussex," they would be welcome; however, the publication said that because of the gentle but fundamental place in the constitutional system, a royal resident is not something that Canada can allow because it breaks an undeclared constitutional taboo. 

Prince Harry and Meghan's plan to move to Canada mucks up the country's long history of breaking away from the British political system. 

And while Canada was borrowed from Britain, the country is not Britain, and it will never be, says The Globe and Mail.

The editorial blasts, "Canada is not a halfway house for anyone looking to get out of Britain while remaining a royal."

The Globe and Mail newspaper is regarded as Canada's "newspaper of record." It is published in five major cities. 

The editorial comes a week after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepped down as senior royals in an announcement

The couple plans to live between the U.K. and North Amerca together with their eight-month-old son, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. 

The Globe and Mail is not the only one who is thrilled about "Megxit."

On Monday, Queen Elizabeth II released a statement about the Sussexes after their two-and-a-half-hour Sandringham meeting which was attended by Prince Charles, Prince Harry, Prince William and Prince Philip. The 93-year-old monarch said that while the royal family "would have preferred" for the two Sussexes keep their senior palace duties, she remains "entirely supportive" to the couple. 

In a statement published on Twitter, the entire royal family "respect and understand" their wish to live a more "independent life" and become "financially independent."

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