How to choose the best sofa for your living room?

If there's one thing which can improve the setting of your house and how it's perceived then it's sofas. The living room is the ideal place for a sofa because it's the room where guests, families, and friends are most entertained. In short, it is the best furniture for families to have. Having a great sofa can help stimulate conversation and make people appreciate the thought and care that has gone into choosing the right one. But choosing that perfect sofa for your home can be hard sometimes. If you are also struggling with that decision then here are the factors you need to consider: 

Sofa orientation

This is the one thing which you should decide right at the very beginning. Figure out where you would like the furniture to be kept. For example: 

  • If you like sitting before the TV and want to watch it while lounging on the sofa then that's the ideal place to keep the sofa.

  • If you live in a cold climate you would want the sofa before a fireplace. This will ensure that you will be able to sit there while enjoying the heat. So you must ensure that there's the optimum distance from the fireplace. 

  • If you like chatting with guests in the living room then you should get a sofa there and ensure that the living room is adequately decorated for receiving guests.

But whatever orientation you choose for, make sure that you don't cram the sofa in or position it in such a way that the room looks narrow. 

The perfect size

There's a lot which has to be considered while taking into consideration the size of the sofa. One of the major factors which have to be considered in this case is the size of the room where the sofa will be kept. You will have to look at the entire room and the existing furniture to figure out where the sofa will fit, what kind of sofa you will need and if you can remove or shift other furniture around to make space. Don't cram the sofa in just because you would like a sofa and don't get a very small one either. It won't be of any use to anyone then. 

Choose a sofa shape

Sofas come in a lot of sizes and you should get the one which suits your tastes, wants and needs the most. Rectangular sofas have a charm of their own and are the norm so of course, it is the most popular. But other sofa styles like the L-shaped sofa or the round sofa can also work well in a living room. You can also try out something different and have a hanging sofa. These sofas are always charming and quirky and always help in initiating conversation. What sofa style you choose will depend on the sofa orientation you are going for, the space available in the room, if there will be a table in the middle, etc. 

Finding the right material

You will also have to keep in mind that you will have to select the perfect upholstery material for the sofa you need to buy. Take some examples: 

  • If you are going for a classing and elegant look for your living room then a leather sofa will work best.

  • If you are more concerned with durability due to kids and pets then linen, cotton or synthetic microfiber is a good option to go with. Also, you would want to choose materials that don't stain that easily if you have kids. 

  • If you want to keep your living room casual and a place when everyone can come together to have some light-hearted fun then having a fabric upholstery will work well. 

Choose a colour or pattern

Many people who get expensive sofas try to make it the center of attention. They do this with how they situate the sofa or by choosing a bright and bold colour for the furniture. But you really shouldn't try to make the sofa of all things, the center of attention in a room. It's just a piece of furniture and it should be just used for gathering. For this use patterns and colors which don't stand out. What sofa patterns and colours should do is compliment the style of the sofa. If you want to but a very patterned sofa then you can simply add patterns and colors to it by using throw pillows. 

These little points will help you determine the kind of sofa you want and the kind of sofa you need to have according to your house. If you are looking for a great place to get sofas from, then Bangalore is a great place to look for one. If that's too far for you then you can look somewhere nearer. But make sure you get a sofa which you ultimately like otherwise there's no point in buying something just for guests. 

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