Baby Archie's Christening The Real Reason Behind Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Exit?


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have received criticisms left and right over stepping down from their roles as senior royals. They were called out for leaving the Queen with two less to count on, especially at a crucial time with Prince Philip being sick and Prince Andrew giving the British monarch royal headaches.

However, it turns out that the new parents are only after the best interests of their son, Baby Archie. Apparently, Meghan is not one to bury the hatchet, especially with how criticisms escalated after the birth of her first child.

Criticize Me, But Not My Baby

In the now-famous ITV documentary special that featured a stressed out and crying Meghan Markle, she revealed the depressing circumstances that made her "not ok."

Markle has been the subject of tabloid news strewn all over with remarks of racial discriminations ever since she was spotted with Prince Harry. Even while they were dating and throughout their engagement and honeymoon phase, the Duchess of Sussex has been the target of hurtful news reporting.

However, the Sussexes had to put their foot down when their firstborn Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor was born. The royal baby also had been subject to racial remarks since being born. The couple has since threatened to take legal action over photographs snapped of her and Baby Archie during their private family time.

Senior Royals Give Sussexes Parenting Advice

The Duke and Duchess reportedly felt the scrutiny escalate to a new high in May 2019 right after the birth of Baby Archie. The royal couple, who has been known to sway from traditional actions, chose to keep Baby Archie away from the public eye.

While the Sussexes did share some photographs of Baby Archie, they did keep the child under wraps in the photos. British press allegedly had been unhappy that they got very little access to the youngest royal.

Moreover, it was revealed that even the royal higher-ups encouraged the Sussex Royals to be "more forthcoming" about Baby Archie's photographs presented to the public.

In particular, Prince William and Kate Middleton had always been more open in sharing their children's pictures to the public. However, the Sussexes allegedly turned down their advice.

Markle Cannot Take It Anymore

During Baby Archie's christening, Meghan and Harry opted not to make it a public commotion. However, royal followers have grown adamant in their demands to see the child.

With the British taxpayers paying for the lavish royal lifestyle, it was expected that the Sussexes would at least share something as simple as baby photos.

Nonetheless, as the Sussex Royals refused to put out face photos of their baby, criticism grew. It was at this point that Meghan had the final straw and was determined not to allow her son to grow in such an environment.

Letting Go of Taxpayer Support

Harry and Meghan made it clear that they are stepping down as senior royals to remove their financial obligations from the British taxpayers. Report reveal that if the British public does not financially support the Sussexes, then Meg and Harry could enjoy their private life.

Keep in mind that previous to their stepping down as senior royals, there has already been debate that they should not continue to be supported from tax funds. Their trust issues have decreased about the same time Prince Andrew's scandal was revealed in the previous year.

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