Travel in nature and refresh your mind with a healthy holiday

Why do we need more nature in our lives?

In the Era of Technologies, our lives have become extremely busy, and let's face it - kind of meaningless. We are too focused on the virtual world and material possessions. Even with our holidays, we often spend the time on our phones to take pictures, chat with our friends, or even work. And that's not that bad, unless it's all we do. Being stuck in the virtual world is affecting us more than we realize. 

The result is that we are detached from nature, leaving us feeling empty inside. The missing relationship with the natural environment and other living species is already affecting our physical and mental health. With many suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, feeling overwhelmed and unfulfilled. 

Nature elevates the spirit!

Statistically, we live in the best of all possible worlds, but we see that people are unhappier than previous generations. And guess what? Nature has the potential to change all of this - it has a positive effect on our mental health, relationships, and physical strength. 

Spending time surrounded by nature is just what we need in a world dominated by the artificial. Immerse in the natural world and feel that positive energy. You'll be surprised how a healthy environment can improve your physical and psychological well-being. 

The challenge is that most people live in the city, where it's difficult to find a relaxing spot in nature. Why not use our holiday time to go back to the natural world? More and more people are looking for places to interact with nature, to reconnect with their inner self and have a meaningful and sustainable holiday. 

Do you like meditating in nature? Or just have a picnic with your family, listening to the sound of chirping birds, and enjoying the sunny weather? We know where you can do it without being bothered by others.

Holidays in nature - where to book?

The Dutch platform has an inspiring collection of remote holiday homes that are surrounded by fields, rivers, lakes, forests, mountains, and just stunning vistas from the unspoiled nature around. Always away from the crowds and mass tourism.

From tranquil bungalows near the sea, to cozy wooden chalets in the middle of the woods, there is something for everyone. 

Escape from the urban jungle to find some peace and quietness in nature. Or go for a wild adventure in the wildlife of Europe... Whatever you need for your getaway in nature. 

Are you ready to get away from it all? Start by visiting their website -, to the perfect nature house for your type of holiday. Then you can plan all your favorite activities in nature. Solo holidays for your hideaway, romantic getaways to some of the most beautiful hidden spots in the European nature, family trips for a fun and relaxing time with your loved ones, or adventurous journeys filled with fun activities like kayaking, climbing, or hiking. 

One of the best ways to stay in nature is by renting a glamping accommodation. Tents, yurts, caravanas, treehouses...

Nature house in Viroinval - Namur, Belgium
(Photo : Nature house in Viroinval - Namur, Belgium)
Natuurhuisje in Dalälvan - Zuid Zweden
(Photo : Natuurhuisje in Dalälvan - Zuid Zweden)

These homes will embellish your stay in the living world with authenticity and charm. Simple, but cozy, the glamping accommodation can help you focus on the living environment outside. You will easily forget about your troubles, because you will be tempted to spend all your time in the greater outdoors. 

If this is how you imagine your stay in nature, find some more of the adventurous glamping homes of Nature house here: In the beautiful Sweden, for example, you can rent one-of-a-kind treehouses above the ground, for a truly magical stay. 

If you visited their website to look for a home in nature, then you probably love wildlife and the living environment. In that case, you might be happy to learn that by booking one of their homes you are contributing to the conservation of nature. How? Well, for each night you spend in a nature house they are planting one tree. And for each subscription to our newsletter too! Learn more about their sustainable initiative here:

If you want that close touch with nature, is the best place for you to book a holiday. Unique, sustainable, secluded from the outside world, their cozy houses in nature feel just like home. It will be a holiday to remember.

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