How to Make Your Home Look and Feel Like a Hollywood Mansion


When you look at Instagram photos, blog posts, and television shows of celebrity real estate deals you can't help but stare with envy. These massive homes have just about every luxury you can think of, sit on a large piece of land, and are decked out inside and out with some of the top designer furniture and home decor accessories. Oh, how grand would be if only you had the budget, space, or property to live like the rich and famous. 

But what if there was a way to create a home that looks and feels like a Hollywood mansion? What if having a small space or budget didn't have to get in the way of you making your dreams a reality? Well, it's possible. Just check out these suggestions below: 

Consider Renovation Ideas

One of the first ways to turn your home into a mansion is to renovate. Just about anything you can imagine can be created in your home if you have the vision, a budget, and the right contractors to get the job done. You can renovate your kitchen and bathroom, update your bedrooms, or create additional rooms like a meditation and spa room, a home theater, a gym, or a game room. You can even take your ideas outdoors and create an outdoor kitchen complete with a sitting area and fancy firepit to entertain your guests. You can incorporate a pond filled with fish or a water feature, design a garden, or put down your own basketball court or golf course. 

Less is More with Furniture

To give your home a larger appearance, space is everything. The more furniture you have throughout your home the more cluttered and small it looks and feels. You can make your home feel more like a mansion by eliminating pieces you don't need. Also, upgrading to modern furniture with a sleek design and pin legs is recommended. Not only is modern home design very popular in elaborate mansions, but the size and design of the furniture help to create more space. 

Spend More Money on Statement Pieces

Throughout every room in a celebrity mansion, you'll find one or two things that really stand out and set the tone of the space. These are known as statement pieces. It is the focal point in the room that ties everything together. This can be a large wall clock, mirror, painting, side chair, tables, or lamps. When it comes to choosing statement pieces for each room, make those the items that you spend the most money on. Buying higher-quality items can make the entire room look a lot more expensive and give it a real mansion vibe. 

Let As Much Light in as Possible

If there is any upgrade you want to make to your home it's access to natural light. When you see tours of celebrity houses, one of the things that makes the space stand out is the amount of light in the room. You can upgrade to larger windows, have a glass door installed, or invest in skylights. To maintain your privacy at night, however, purchasing quality blinds like Stoneside blinds can keep neighbors from looking directly into your home. 

Spruce Up the Curb Appeal

The last step to making your home feel and look more like a mansion is curb appeal. From the front door to the back, your home's exterior should greatly reflect the interior. You could do something clean and simple like removing trees, cutting the grass, and adding some mulch to give the appearance of a lot of land. You could also opt for a more eye-catching profile with a new driveway that wraps around the front of your house with a water fountain, a landscape or security fence, lighting, and exotic plants and flowers. 

Your home and the land in which is was built on is yours to do with as you please. Though you may not have the budget to purchase a $165 million mansion like Jeff Bezos, you can utilize your personal budget to create your very own version. Let your imagination run wild while keeping some of these tips in mind to make your home look and feel like a mansion straight out of Hollywood. 

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