Kate Middleton Forced To Accept Prince William's Roving Eye Early On - 'Accept It or Leave Him!'

Back in 2011, Kate Middleton and Prince William's fairy tale wedding was watched by billions of people across the globe. However, their union was threatened when the two broke up in 2007.

While the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge now have three children and are in a state of wedding bliss, the future Queen was forced to accept one thing about her husband before she would take him back.


In an old article by the Daily Mail, a source told the publication that Kate was ready for Prince William to propose when they got back together in 2007 after breaking up for four months.

However, at that time, the former playboy royal wasn't ready to settle down with her yet.

Their source furthermore added that in addition to Kate playing the waiting game for her then-boyfriend to put a ring on it, she had to deal with another fixation of her actual Prince Charming.

"He has always had a roving eye, far more so than Harry, who is meant to be the family playboy," as per the source, adding, "That's something Kate has always known and accepted - it was part of the deal."

Prince William's "roving eye" played a considerable role in the couple's breakup in 2007, according to Express.

Their four-month trial separation during their final year at St. Andrew's University "deeply hurt" Kate Middleton because of the prince's behavior during their split.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl wrote in her 2010 book, "William and Harry," that the older prince knew he wanted to spend some time apart from Kate and planned a boys-only yachting holiday in Greece.

The expert revealed that Kate was reportedly questioning Prince William's commitment to their relationship. Apart from that, Kate also had doubts creeping to her about their future once they graduate.

One reason why Kate was questioning their relationship was because of one girl that was once involved - an American heiress named Anna Sloan.

As per Nicholl, Prince William and Anna had a lot of things in common, and Kate was worried that their connection might include "romantic feelings."

At that time, the heiress reportedly lost her father George Sloan in a tragic shooting accident in their estate in Nashville, and Anna and Prince William have allegedly connected over the loss of their parents.

"When Anna invited William and a group of friends to Texas for a holiday before he went to Greece, it hurt Kate deeply. She suspected William might have feelings for the 22-year-old heiress."

However, nothing romantic ever happened to the two since Anna was not interested in the prince, romantically.

During their time apart, Prince William was also linked to socialite Isabella Calthorpe but has spurned his advances because she doesn't want to date a royal.

In May 2007, Prince William came to his senses and realized that his break up with Kate Middleton was a mistake.

"She had been badly hurt and told William she needed some time," that later in June at a party, the then-Prince of Wales reportedly followed her around like a lost puppy.

Recently, their family friend Rose Hanbury was reportedly the Duke of Cambridge's mistress, but the duke has vehemently denied it, and the rumors were never proven.

Though they already have three children, their relationship is still going strong. They are now at the forefront of their royal duties after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have stepped down as senior members of the royal family and with Prince Charles, who has recently been diagnosed with the coronavirus.

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