Queen Elizabeth II Does The Impossible For Royal Tradition

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted several royal engagements, but Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II does the impossible this time.

Due to the rapidly increasing number of COVID-19 cases in the United Kingdom, Buckingham Palace has decided to postpone their scheduled activities such as the royal wedding of Princess Beatrice, Trooping the Colour parade, and the the Royal Ascot races -- which is one of the Queen's favorite events.

Given that the whole nation is on lockdown, it was expected that the annual tradition of Maundy Thursday would also be affected. In fact, it was reported that the 93-year-old head of the monarch was "disappointed" for being unable to carry out this royal duty in person.

In the said religious service, Queen Elizabeth II hands out "Maundy Money" or commemorative coins to pensioners nominated by their local diocese.

However, the longest-reigning monarch was eager not to skip this tradition and instead chose to deliver the special minted coins through a courier alongside a sweet letter.


The letter reads: "I have great pleasure in sending you the Maundy Gift which, unfortunately, I am unable to distribute to you personally at the Royal Maundy Service in St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, on Thursday, 9th April."

The Queen also mentioned that it is one of her "most rewarding duties" as the head of state, highlighting that the ceremony plays "such an important point in the Christian calendar."

"I know that you, as a Recipient of this year's Maundy Gift, will be as deeply disappointed as I am that it is not going ahead while understanding the necessary decision in the current circumstances," she added.

Ending the letter, Her Majesty also thanked the recipients for their "Christian service" amid the ongoing pandemic.

More Than A Hundred Pensioners Received The Maundy Gifts

Moreover, it has been reported that 188 pensioners received the commemorative coins that were sent from Windsor castle where HM the Queen is currently staying.

One of the recipients is 101-year-old Thomas Brock, who is said to be the oldest active bell-ringer in the world. Brock is also the oldest recipient of the Maundy gifts.

Up to now, Brock has been doing his duties at his local church in St. Mary's, a duty he has fulfilled since he was seven-years-old.

A Dedicated Queen

Netizens praised the Queen for carrying out this tradition even in difficult times.

One Twitter user wrote: "She's shown real dedication to the nation."

Another one replied: "A Great Woman in the world. You are really impressed by everyone. May God bless you."

"There will never be another Monarch like Elizabeth II. God bless her," a thiird user responded.

Earlier this week, Queen Elizabeth II made a historic nation's address as the coronavirus pandemic grapples the U.K.

It was only the Queen's fourth televised nation address aside from her annual Christmas message. First is in 1991 when she addressed the Gulf War and called on for unity as their "success will be as swift as it is certain."

Following this, the Monarch made her most personal speech yet after the death of Princess Diana of Wales in 1997.

The third is when the longest-reigning monarch made a mournful tribute after the death of the Queen Mother in 2002.

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