Royal Dark Secret: Prince Charles Could SOLVE Monarchy's 550-YEAR-OLD MYSTERY!

Even at the age of 71, Prince Charles remains to be the "king in waiting." He is already the longest-serving heir to the British throne in history as Queen Elizabeth II remains in power for the past 67 years. 

The Prince of Wales will only ascend to the throne when her mother passes away. However, it looks like it will still be a long time before it happens since Her Majesty remains strong and healthy even at the age of 94. 

There are several theories that the Queen is still reluctant to pass on the throne to Charles as they both have different views on things.

However, experts believe that the mother-and-son's opposite views could help solve a long-overdue royal mystery that has kept historians frustrated for centuries. 

Princes In Tower Mystery

The 550-year-old mystery behind the death of the surviving sons of King Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville a.k.a "Princes in Tower" has remained unknown to many. During Queen Elizabeth II's reign, she stood firm that this controversy should be best left alone. 

Nonetheless, experts think that once Charles is proclaimed the king, there is a chance he could solve the mystery. After all, the Prince of Wales is more eager on discovering the truth about the mystery. 

In 1943 when King Edward IV died, he left his two sons, 12-year-old King Edward V and 9-year-old Richard of Shrewsbury, alone. Based on historical accounts, the brothers were sent to the Tower of London by Richard, the Duke of Gloucester, in the middle to the preparation of Edward's coronation.

But even before the coronation took place, the Princes in Tower were declared illegitimate by their uncle, making him the one to ascend the throne and become King Richard III. 

Hundreds of years later, the fate of the brothers remains unknown as they simply vanished after the coronation of King Richard III. 

There are beliefs that the young heirs to the throne were murdered 550 years ago, making their uncle King Richard III the main suspect.

Unsolved Investigations

Over the years, even the boys' final resting place remains a mystery, though further investigation showed that they may be laid in two possible locations.

In 1964, workers assigned to remodel the Tower of London accidentally unearthed a wooden box with two small human skeletons, which were eventually claimed to be King Edward and Richard of Shrewsbury. 

At that time, King Charles II ordered the bones to be placed in an urn and buried at Westminster Abbey. By 1993, the bones were removed and examined by archivist Lawrence Tanner, who concluded that the bones belonged to King Edward IV's sons. 

Meanwhile, in 1789, workers repairing at Windsor's St. George Chapel accidentally broke into the late King Edward IV's vault and discovered a separate vault inside. Inside the small vaults, they found another unidentified corpse of two children, but no investigation happened. 

Meanwhile, in the late 90s, during Queen Elizabeth II's reign, there was a request to re-examine the vault, but Her Majesty refused to approve it. She continues to snub the investigations over the years, which left Prince Charles the only hope to solve the mystery in the future. 

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