Meghan Markle, Sussexes Still In Danger: Former Royal Security Warns Of More Threats!

A former royal protection officer has warned Prince Harry and Meghan Markle that they might still be in danger despite splurging a whopping amount of money for their security.

Despite living at Tyler Perry's mansion inside an exclusive village in Los Angeles, Meghan's family-of-three is still experiencing levels of intrusions they have wanted to get rid of.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex continue to feel unsafe after a group of paparazzi tailed them. It was made worse when several drones flew low above their Beverly Hills residence.

As a result, they hired an A-list security team that will cost them $8,600 per day. However, though they dedicated a huge amount of money to cover their security expenses, former royal protection officer Simon Morgan warned them about the family's real situation.

In an interview with Insider, Morgan acknowledged that Gavin de Becker is a well-known security for A-listers, but it does not fully guarantee the Sussexes' safety.

"They will operate slightly differently from what the Sussexes would have been previously used to. They aren't operating on an official level, and therefore they won't have all of the assistance you would usually get when protecting senior members of the royal family," the former protection officer explained.

Unlike when they were senior members of The Firm, neither Meghan nor Prince Harry will be able to experience a 24/7 security anymore as the newly hired team will focus more on minimizing the risks rather than getting rid of it.

Though the security team has also been reportedly handpicked by the former chief of security of President Ronald Reagan, both the team and the principals will undergo massive change, especially Prince Harry.

"It's a steep learning curve both for the protection team and the principals themselves - they will have to get used to how a different protection package works and what can be achieved on their behalf," Morgan went on.

As for the thing that will make everything even more complicated, the former officer said that the Duke and Duchess' new celebrity status -- from being royals -- could become a hindrance to the security team.

Morgan previously mentioned right after Megxit that the family-of-three's decision to relocate to Los Angeles would only draw people's curiosity and attention even more. Because of this, the new security team "could easily forget the high-profile threat on their principal" because of the focus on the media.

"You can't just be obsessed with the 'I don't want someone to take my photograph,' because there are other threats out there. And if you only fixate on that, you will take your eye off the ball in regards to physical threats," he said.

Regardless of Morgan's warning, Prince Harry probably only wants to do his job as the patriarch. After all, he previously said that his biggest fear is for history to repeat itself, referencing to the death of his mother Princess Diana.

"I've seen what happens when someone I love is commoditised to the point that they are no longer treated or seen as a real person. I lost my mother and now I watch my wife falling victim to the same powerful forces," Prince Harry said last year.

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