Meghan Markle Pregnant? Prince Harry, Meg Gets EXCITING Baby News!

Prince Harry abd Meghan Markle received an exciting baby news amid all the issues surrounding them and the royal family.

Most royal family news these days tackle about the negativities and conflicts in the monarchy due to the issues it has been facing since last year.

While those have been bringing headaches to the members of the royal family, a royal astrologer brought some light and hope by revealing an intriguing baby news for Meghan and Prince Harry.

In an interview with Hello Magazine, royal astrologer Debbie Frank unrolled her predictions for the family-of-three after choosing to move to Los Angeles.

"Part of Meghan's raison d'etre is communication - she needs to be a voice, and as Uranus activates her powers of communication this year, she needs to make herself heard," Frank said. "She will talk about controversial issues this Spring."

She explained how the Virgo Full Moon connecting the Duchess' Venus and the Duke's Sun can bring a positive effect that will lift their lives again after the controversial Megxit.

"The rest of 2020 is packed with significant cosmic pointers that challenge Meghan to stay on track with her visions and dreams, and could present exciting additions to the marriage," the royal astrologer delivered, hinting about a possible pregnancy for Meghan.

Frank added that as soon as the Duchess cut with the past around December, another baby will come to their family, and it will be the start of a substantial transformational period.

Before releasing her latest readings for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, the astrologist used to read Princess Diana's fate -- from the Princess of Wales getting married to Prince Charles to her tragic death in 1997.

Although she may sound dubious to others, more royal astrologers predicted the same thing before 2019 ended.

Last year, through Daily Mirror,  royal astrologers Francesa Odie and Ann-Louise Holland predicted that both Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, will give birth to babies this 2020.

According to the experts, they felt that the Cambridges are placed "by eclipses and planetary action" into a universe of changes. They based this prediction on the theory wherein eclipses repeat the same scenario every 19 years, and 2020 is the 19th year since Kate met Prince William at their university.

"If she falls pregnant again, this will be an important child and will change Kate's outlook where she establishes herself as the nation's ultimate mother," the astrologers stated.

Meanwhile, the experts read how Mars' retrograde in the constellation of Aries in September will keep Meghan out of the public's eyes due to a "reduced schedule" because of a potential pregnancy.

Currently, both Prince Harry and Meghan look so busy to finally give Archie a sibling.

Recently, the Meghan spoke about "Black Lives Matter" in a new speech following George Floyd's death.

"You are going to have empathy for those who don't see the world through the same lens that you do because as diverse and vibrant and open-minded as I know that the teachings of the Immaculate Heart are, I know that you know that Black Lives Matter," she said.

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