Ellen DeGeneres Nightmare: Portia De Rossi Divorce Can Wreck Her Financially?

Ellen DeGeneres divorce rumors are swirling. Honestly speaking, they have been always there, considering some people's aversion to her orientation, but considering how 2020 is panning out for the comedian and talk show host, the rumors this time could be true, or at least, more believable. 

So much can happen in a year. One day one is well-loved and adored, and the next, one is being branded mean and cruel. One day one is going to a fun-filled getaway with her wife for their 11th anniversary, and the next, one is at the brunt of divorce rumors. Such is what happened to Ellen DeGeneres, in less than a year. 

According to In Touch USA, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi might no longer make it to their 12th Wedding Anniversary. It's actually just around the corner - on August 16, but with the way things are between them right now, they might call it quits ahead of it.

A source revealed that people close to the quite legendary couple believe that they might be headed towards a divorce. However, if that happens, it would be a nightmare not just emotionally, but also financially! 

This is a given, but the source said it is only dawning on Ellen DeGeneres how much she'll possibly lose if she divorces her wife. "Ellen's estimated to be worth $500 million, and since they've been married for more than 10 years in California and to my knowledge do not have a prenup, Portia will be entitled to a bigger piece of the pie than if they had split a few years ago." 

It's true, the two do not have a prenup, something that fans at the time, worried greatly about. 

The source added that prolonging the divorce in order to get the higher financial benefits might be Portia De Rossi's way for her to get even with Ellen. Why is that? Because the years they have spent married was actually not rosy for the "Ally McBeal" actress. Instead, it was "hell." 

A mix of luck and hard work allowed Ellen DeGeneres to amass quite a fortune. Even before she married Portia, she was already earning so much from her talk show, acting gigs, and endorsement deals. Her caliber was already so established that when she and Portia got married, it felt like a national event. Needless to say, Ellen is now worth billions, and a divorce can make Portia very, very rich.

In contrast to Ellen, the "Arrested Development" actress did not earn as much, not because she is not as talented, but because she stepped away from her career - from both modeling and acting, to focus on being Ellen's stay-at-home wife. She has an art business and a lot of things keeping her preoccupied. She's also financially comfortable herself from her earlier career and savings as well as her art business, but not at the level a divorce from Ellen can make her.

Not that she's going to divorce Ellen just to get her money. It's not as if she's being deprived of Ellen's wealth. However, if the relationship is already torn and Portia is allegedly at the receiving end of Ellen's wrath for all the bad things presently happening to her - being called mean, being exposed for her past alleged cruelty, and dwindling show ratings, why would Portia stay?!

Meanwhile, producers have finally responded to rumors that "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" will be soon cancelled. The Sun reports that producers have denied these rumors and labeled them untrue. 

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