Prince Andrew Guilty And Scared? Queen's Son Hides After Ghislaine Maxwell Arrest

The recent arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell -- former associate and confidante of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein -- is viewed to be a major development on Epstein's case of alleged decade-long sexual abuse with numerous underage girls. 

Authorities recently arrested Maxwell, who has been accused of facilitating Epstein's sex trafficking operation by bringing girls as young as 14 to the late billionaire's multiple residences

According to prosecutors, from 1994 to 1997, Maxwell "assisted, facilitated, and contributed to Jeffrey Epstein's abuse of minor girls by, among other things, helping Epstein to recruit, groom, and ultimately abuse victims."

Because of this recent development, lawyers of the victims switched their focus to Prince Andrew and encouraged him to man up and speak about his connection with Epstein and Maxwell. 

Prince Andrew Hiding In Fear?

Now that the 58-year-old British socialite is already under the custody of authorities, a victim's lawyer has claimed that the Duke of York is "avoiding and evading" American authorities who would question his involvement in the sex trafficking operation. 

Prince Andrew's name was dragged into the scandal after one of Epstein's victims, Virginia Roberts, claimed that she was forced to have sex with the 60-year-old royal three times between 1999 to 2001. 

Speaking to BBC Radio 4's Today program, lawyer Spencer Kuvin accused Prince Andrew of hiding behind the protection of the royal family and his team of lawyers. 

Kuvin insisted that the Duke of York must speak out and reveal what he knows regardless of his relationship with Epstein and Maxwell. 

"I certainly think Prince Andrew has a story to tell," Kuvin said. "On behalf of the victims, we have continuously asked him to step forward, step up, be a man, and tell us what he knows. He has been hiding behind not only the royal family but his attorneys."

Kuvin also explained that the Duke should share what he witnessed, especially during his multiple visits at Epstein's New York mansion, Palm Beach home, and the Virgin Islands mansion.  

Meanwhile, another lawyer representing the victims claimed that Queen Elizabeth II's favorite son is subjecting Epstein's victims to a "torture test" by keeping his mouth shut with everything he knows. 

"The question is, Prince Andrew, when is he going to tell what he knows?" U.S. lawyer Gloria Allred told ITV's Good Morning Britain.

Allred accused the Duke of York of avoiding and evading authorities by not giving his truthful statement.  

"He needs to do it without delay. It is so traumatizing and difficult for the victims not to know the truth," Allred added.

Virginia Roberts' Relief

Meanwhile, Virginia Roberts took to Twitter to express relief after learning that the one who acted as "madame" in trafficking underage women like her was finally arrested. 

"Hope the judge throws the book at her. So so so happy - she's finally where she belongs," Roberts wrote, adding that Maxwell is an "insidious creature."

Roberts is the one who accused Maxwell of tricking her into traveling across the world and forced her to have sex with Prince Andrew at the age of 17. The monarchy's son repeatedly denied meeting and having sex with Roberts and said he is not ashamed of his friendship with the late sex offender.  

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